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some rough sketch portraits i've been posting to my sketchblog

drawn in photoshop cs5 with a wacom intuos4. for more info on my artwork please visit…

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Hi Love this style great quality. As some one of mature years who has only ever used traditional media, please can you tell me how you did it? did you use a tablet and pen and could you tell me what software you used?. You have a great professional style
Thanks pricechuckles
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thanks! i did it in photoshop. i've got some resources on that explain the process in a bit more detail! 
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it says your sketchblog is configured improperly when I click on it.. not sure if thats a me thing.
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Love this style
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this art style is unique, but nice. i like it!
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I love these so much! would it be possible to share the secret of how (for example on the blonde) you gave her hair that kind of distant, fuzzy, watching-a-3D-movie-without-the-glasses look??

Thanks so much 
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i used a mix of gaussian blur, noise filter and some chromatic aberration :)
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great work! you can share the setting of the brush?
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i used the gouache brush from my brush set - the loish brushset by loish  just at a lower opacity!
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Thanks you, i share you my first approach…

long road ahead
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Nice work,but...these faces look dirty to a certain degree 
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can I use this as a reference?
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I like how you color them, i hope to improve and one day color my works like yours, i love it <3
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The colouring is so phenomenal! 
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They're so strange but I can't stop staring at both portraits. I just really love the style!
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I love everything about this! 
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