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ode to the 70s

By loish
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a warmup doodle spun out of control! i was heavily inspired by the 70's vinyl covers my dad always had lying around as well as 70's fashion in general. trying to post more rough/sketchy art here and not just on my sketchblog, i need to update here more often!

drawn in photoshop cs5 with a cintiq 24HD. for more info on my artwork please visit…

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Wonderful composition and colors! It's always fun when a doodle takes on a life of it's own~
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love your art!!! great fan!!!
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very impressive work!
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Too cool! Very vintage feel.
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I like the colors. Old 70's cover of movies style!
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I love the retro colors!
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The colors! I loooove them!
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I absolutely adore your artwork! I just started art school I hope I can have as inspirational, unique, and intricate art like yours someday :D 
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Man ... would love to commission you for illustrations in my books but it sounds like you are solidly booked out past my production timeline. Maybe in a later edition ;)   Great stuff, love visiting this page.
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dis one is so nice!Oh My Gawd [Read Description] 
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Love the colours
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Absolutely Love it!
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Oh gosh, I just adore the colours. And yes, it definitely has a 70's feel to it, it's gorgeous.
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Oh man. Love the hairstyles of the 70's It was almost a flawless decade for hair really. Even the nerds were ridiculously hot. Great spin in the decade.
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This is as 70's as it gets!  Color, styles, and forms.
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I'm trying to make something with a similar feel but I'm way out of my element. Specifically, I like the 3 lines you've got running down the center and the... splash effect behind the black woman. I was wondering if you could give me some search terms. I looked at other "Psychedelic" art on dA and none of it is the same. All the shapes are jagged and rough. What is an LP cover?
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thanks for pointing that out, LP is actually the dutch term for vinyl :) i corrected the description!
some search terms you could try are "70s vinyl cover", "70s poster" or "70s design". they all yield some pretty good inspiration for a flowy, groovy 70s type design!
good luck!
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This is such a cool style! I love how unified the colors look (but they still contrast enough that it's not just a boring blob).
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Nice work. How's things going?
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such great using of colours :D
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So freaking sweet and gorgeous looking, you definitely nailed a lovely vibe of 70's rock and culture.  Love the colors and tones, as well as the beautiful shapes and lines.  :)
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