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neon nostalgia

just a portrait series i did for fun. loved putting together these color schemes!

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Man this makes me sure I need to do more color studies!

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I absolutely love this!!!
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I love your art!
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They have a very subtle and pleasant vibration. Perfection.
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DA Prints I especially stepped on the guitar, flew over a house and stepped off of the guiter, for this. I... can't stop watching it.
Nice realism! I am a dummy! This probe's for you!  The natural look is very good! The skin dyniamics are toned very realistically in this work.
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love the colors 
Boojie-Baker's avatar
The guy reminds me somewhat of Filthy Frank, oddly enough. :) (Smile) 
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Your use of color is gorgeous!
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I love the colors! :O
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I really like the luminosity of the colours in this piece! ^^also the colour schemes are really awesome :D
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I love the pencil thing (?) effect of every one of your paintings and your color schemes are simply beautiful! I wish I could paint like you someday :heart:
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black people dont have green eyes just sayin
flabbergastingdragon's avatar
little girls don´t have bunneh ears, just saying.
SanMim's avatar
And white people don't have blue hair and blue eyebrows, nor any person on earth who looks this luminescent. also, though it is rare there are black people with various eye colors. It's a drawing at the end of the day. No one has elf ears in real life, yet we love legend of zelda stuff. You're being redundant.
Todesengell's avatar
just what was this..
Fhalei's avatar
One of my aunties has green eyes. I also have a cousin who is blond. My grandma has freckles. Our entire family is black, so...just sayin
lilmimsie's avatar
one crazy black family
jewelsteel's avatar
The colors are just so gooood.
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These are so cool and different! Makes me think of "Mad Men" for some reason...
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ah! yeah i had mad men in mind while painting this actually :)
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