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revisiting one of my favorite themes: super tall apartment buildings! i've been checking all these random city streets in google streetview lately and it inspired me to paint this today.

drawn in photoshop cs5 with a cintiq 24HD. time spent - 7 hrs. for more info on my artwork please visit [link]

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I like artworks that don't gloss over the roughness or realities of life. I believe art is able to show this side of life in a more digestible, appreciative way.
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Awesome work !

Featured here : and on the IAP group on DA inspirationartportal.deviantar…
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Brilliant. Nailed it perfectly, right down to the eye-catching graffiti on the side :)
wow this is beautyful! awseome work ;)
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Amazing. I am impressed by your art and style. Love it.
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This is marvelous! The colors really compliment the mood, and I love the effect of the water on the street. It seems like it has just enough going on. The graffiti is very clever, too! I adore all of your art, and you have a special talent for portraying a particular mood. Your style for people is also really fun. I really aspire to be a lot like you.
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thanks so much for your kind comments! :] i really appreciate it!
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Wow this is really great! I love hte mood of this a lot. The graffiti on the building really adds a lot to the picture as well.
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I must say, this lovely picture has convinced me that we don't have enough octopus murals where I live. :D
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I love this kind of drawings. This one is really amazing!
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I whish i live there! :)
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Grass is always greener! Love how you captured the grimness of inner-city dwellings. The incorporation of graffiti is clever and really brings the entire piece together.
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I love the sky - and everything else of course - and love the octopus mural - where is this?
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nowhere specifically!
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I love the octo on the building!
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I love these environment shots by the way!
Any particular reason you're starting to do them? I've always known you to do people...
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i think it's a recent influx of free time! i have more time and space to come up with more detailed concepts for drawing, as opposed to the usual squeezing-it-in-between-projects approach.
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Perfect! I hope the free time continues if this is what you do with it! :)
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i love your painting style :D
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This is awesome :D
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