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manga tribute - 02 - closeup

manga-style art (i know this is a contested term, but i’ll risk generalizing for now) used to be one of my biggest influences when i was first starting out as an artist. today i suddenly got an impulse to see how i would approach the style with my current skillset, and this came out. it was so much fun! big credit for style reference goes to cushart, one of my favorite artists. 

drawn in photoshop cs5 with an intuos4. time taken - about 6 hrs. for  more info on my artwork please visit…

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Amazing Draw!!! She is so pretty i love her :)
slowingsky's avatar
Wow, I really love your gallery! Such stunning colours and light! :love:
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I like the color of her hair
prototype01's avatar
Love it! Great job as always.
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awesome! question: does the intuos4  have a screen, ie does it appear on the tablet when you draw?
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nope, the intuos4 is just a surface you can draw on that connects your movements to the computer screen. but it's not a screen you draw on - that's the cintiq.
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Yeah i knew the cintiq had that but i wasnt sure about the intuos... Thanks! 😊
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Cool hair style, hair dipped in a it!
gardarian's avatar
who hurt her? 😢😜
AvantiNostalgia's avatar
O! Вижу русского! (:
Здравствуй-здравствуй! :D
PoochyPaws's avatar
Daww that's cute :)
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rosheruuu's avatar
every time I see this it always reminds me of Taiga Aisaka <3 
So beautiful, an inspiration when I joined da, still is now XD
SugoiDrops's avatar
nice facial expression! And great hair and colors! :D
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BlindedAudrey's avatar
Her hair is perfect, I want a hair like that too : )
Boubacat's avatar
Wow this looks just beautiful <3 I love her hair :D
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Her hair is so gorgeous :D!! and the expression on her eyes, is just priceless ( so cute :3 ) 
Orderly-Lemon's avatar
I love that hair... So much...
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