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manga tribute - 01

manga-style art (i know this is a contested term, but i’ll risk generalizing for now) used to be one of my biggest influences when i was first starting out as an artist. today i suddenly got an impulse to see how i would approach the style with my current skillset, and this came out. it was so much fun! big credit for style reference goes to cushart, one of my favorite artists. 

drawn in photoshop cs5 with an intuos4. time taken - about 6 hrs. for  more info on my artwork please visit…

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The manga version looks better, but I can still respect how good yours looks as well.
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thanks! they're both mine.
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ahhhh, alright. Both still look good though.
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Aww, she looks so pretty! And your way of colouring is really amazing, nice work! c:
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Wow I like her hair :D
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I love the black and white one ^^
It's just awesome!! X)
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I love the lineart! |Mmmm you know how I feel about linear weight :D
Love the quality on this!!!

Just wondering too how much a commission like this would cost if you do it?
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thanks so much! i'm not accepting commissions at the moment though, sorry!
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The finished painting, and many more examples on deviantART, is one reason I want to deviate from the Manga style strictly. The beauty of the face is so minimal with Manga-styles, which sucks because I love drawing lips, and to draw more detailed hair, like this.

She's beautiful, and the colors are amazing. ;w;
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Breathtaking! :wow: outstanding work on this
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Loved both colored and monochrome versions! *o*
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this looks like kpop o-o
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I love your art, and this is definitive, one of my favorites
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I do want to make drawings like thiiis>!!!!!!  what program u use to make this wonderful thing?
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Yeah, Loish is just AMAZING, isn't she? :) I wish I could draw like that, too.
She almost always uses photoshop Cs5
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Cool, sadly I dont know How to use that program, i just can use Paint Tool SAI
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Been a long time appreciator of your art, and really like the contrast that went into both sets of designs. It is interesting to see how just adding colors to an image can change the drawing entirely. Keep up the great work, and hope to at some point in my career, get to collaborate with you.
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Very Good, I´ve liked your Style!
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this is so cool D:
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very nice Love Clap 
You released about six pieces (I think) in a really short time. I liked all six, but this will be the one I comment on.

Lots of artists show the progress steps to "show" how they make the picture. Most of the time I can hardly tell the difference between certain frames because of shading or how one color blends with another. I understand that the progress is to show how to do a specific effect. It just does not tell (specifically) me much about the decisions in creating the picture.

In contrast, manga tribute 01 gives us insight into your process by contrasting the black and white style with the full color. The first detail I noticed is how the left side (our right) of her coat seems to come around the front more than in the colored version. The b-w coat seems to envelope the subject more like a blanket than a coat with harder lines to delineate the pocket from the sleeve. The colored version is nearly straight up and down with that same side, giving us a sense of seeing the inside lining. This reinforces the notion that the coat is not wrapping her but laying on her shoulders, as if she could just shrug the coat and it would suddenly fall to the floor.

The b-w hair is shown as full bodied and flowing. There is barely a hint of space among the strands except down by the shoulders and arms. With b-w an artist has to make every line work and work HARD. Tone shading can do some miracles but lines are what define shape; the lines here gives a great impression of flowing locks. Looking to the colored version I am amazed at the hair. The clumps seem to have single strands of hair that, I keep imagining, were drawn individually. The effect that the brown-orange (I think it's brown-orange) tones has makes the hair more "wild", for lack of a better term. No longer full bodied but the colored hair looks more alive than just laying there.

I would like to say more, but this rant has already run off the rails (of this crazy train tra-la-la-la-la). Thank you for posting these pictures. If I had to pick one out of this newest bunch, manga tribute 01 would be my favorite among them just because I can see the choices made.

Well done!
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