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one of those pink, flowy, super therapeutic drawings that i haven't made in a long time! due to work, i kept starting over on this and changing the style etc, so i decided to just finish it up and get it overwith today, haha.

drawn in photoshop cs5 with a cintiq 24HD. for more info on my artwork please visit…

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Amazing! Angry pink! :D
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I love how you use the hair to show movement and flow in your pieces, and the oxygen hose in your blue space piece. Stunning.
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Could you add the brushes of this one?
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for this one i used a mix of the bristly brush and hard round brush from here - the loish brushset by loish
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Thanks loish for help! I really appreciate that ! :3
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beautiful colors, pretty face!
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like the colour XD
also the eyebrow and nose!
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Very expressive! I feel like this portrait is very "alive" - there's a great sense of movement and emotion. It feels more like looking at a person than a painting.
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"someone is going t die", you can say that by the expression she is making
this is such a gorgeous illustration :3
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holy damn that hair o.0
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I really really love the emotion conveyed here :)  I have a question, what sort of texture did you use here? 
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thank you! i can't remember exactly what texture i used, but it was most likely a grainy concrete type of texture.
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Oh gosh you replied! I see then , thank you so much! :D
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I dig the pink hair!
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great lightning!
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This is great. Reminds me of an Ex of mine; she wore that same look... A lot.
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*_* peli-rosa 
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The flowing hair looks great!
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How do you do it. =)
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This is beautiful
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Do you use texture? coz thiis just too fabulous
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