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doodle. i was home sick today so i finally got time to work on something of my own. tragic that being sick is what it takes, huh? anyways, a drawing of candy cane laine for you guys.

lineart done in pencil on paper, scanned in and then colored in photoshop 7.0 with a tablet. textures from [link] and wallpaper pattern from actual wallpaper that i own. for tips on how to apply textures check [link]
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I'm in love with your technique. Really impressive work all of it been on your gallery for hours!
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I love your work, thanks for sharing.
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Love the colors!!!
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Your work is magical.
It always inspires me when I look back at my favorite pieces of yours.
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i lode all your works their so amazing juste like the dream and the colors are wonderful !!
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Love all your work. :wow: You're amazing!
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this awesome work has been featured in my journal here:


for being so amazingly rendered!
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thanks for featuring me!
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you're amazing and I'm a long-time fangirl :)
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she is adorable
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this one reminds me of this painting that u made: [link]

=D i love n always have loved this hair =D
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i didnt realized i comment already LOL...sry
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this is sooo cute i loove the hair
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oi, pretty piece :)... and thanks a lot for the Texture's link!!:D
es precioso Lois!
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woow look at her hair! it's a amazingly cute mess :D
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this is so cute :D would you mind if I drew her?
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not at all! :]
i love it! also, somehow reminds me of Mucha.
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love the line and the light. supper now I`m wattching u!!! LOL jejeje
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I love the colors! I can't believe you're so good!!! I wish I could do somethingl like that!!! All i do are silly sketches with a pencil but you? you...woah!
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I just drown in your greens. I like it down here. Glub..
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Omg, I sooo love this picture. You do amazing art! If only I was talented as you. ^_^
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