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koi pond

By loish
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initially this was a speed sketch, but i ended up picking at it a few hours a day just to relax. then i eventually reached the "point of no return" where i had worked on it for too long to not finish it. so here it is! i'm personally kind of disappointed about the fish but i reallllly don't feel like working on this anymore.

i'm aware that the kimono design makes no sense and she's wearing it too high on her chest. sorry!

drawn in photoshop CS3 with an intuos3 tablet. ref used for hands and fish. textures from cgtextures.com , tips on how to use textures can be found here - [link] and for other tips check out my f.a.q - [link]
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Good gosh, I wish I had your skill
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Wonderful Asian themed Art melded nicely into your style!
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Love it incredibly, your art is absolutely beautiful.
I-Am-A-Flying-Bird's avatar
I really like this coloursheme. It's wonderfull. All those warm tones. The koi give the drawing something more interesting
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Beautiful lighting and colours!! Nice detail to make the sleeves look like water running, love it. Incredible serenity somehow. Keep up the great work
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Kyaan!!! I love those colours!! *O*
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absolutely stunning, I love everything about this! :love:
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Your art is SO gorgeous... Your colors and shading are stunning!!! :)
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Used u and this piece as the subject for a graphic design project :D [link]
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how neat! :) thanks for letting me know!
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How do you make your colors so smooth on Photoshop?
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not sure how i can explain.. i just paint with soft brushes later in the painting process i guess!
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Do you lay down base colors then shade or is there another method?
I feel as if I'm bugging you since you've probably answered these questions ten billion times. orz
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haha that's allright :] i'm just pretty bad at explaining it. i did get this question a lot recently so i added it to my f.a.q (earlier today, so i don't expect you to have read the reply :), here's what i wrote there:

"I like to start out rough. As soon as I like what I see and can envision the final picture, I start blending the colors more. I usually lower the opacity quite a lot (this applies to basically any brush I'm using) and just start painting in the details. A useful shortcut for this is alt+click, which makes the eyedropper tool temporarily appear. This allows me to pick colors off of the canvas and paint with them, which is why it's so useful to start out with a rough color version before adding details. In the final phases of the drawing I like to pick a relatively soft brush and put the flow to just 1% as a way to smooth out everything. I personally do not recommend using the smudge tool."

hope that helps! if not, don't hesitate to ask more questions!
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Ah, so it's the soft brush that does the trick!

Oh, and if I may ask, this is a kind of an off-topic question, but how do you pronounce your username? Is it loy-sh or 'lois-sh'?
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it's "low-ish" :]
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you work so well with color
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:iconsparklesplz:Your wonderfull artwork is featured here [link] :love::iconsparklesplz:
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thanks so much!
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Beautiful! What really caught my eye were here hands, I just love the way they're illustrated. Her expression is really interesting, like she's a very proud and strong individual despite her soft features and feminine dress. Her hairstyle is just gorgeous, especially the way the hair frames her face is just so damn perfect. I also love her hair ornament! I want it! :D
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This legit stunned me when i first looked at it. I find it amazing how perfect this is
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How do you do this?

(I don't mean literally. I mean how are you so amazing.)
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