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interior practice // kitchen

one more interior practice: the kitchen! I lived in a lot of places with older, slightly run down kitchens. and I look back on that time fondly! 

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I love this! The posts of the far chair going through the table are throwing me off, but other than that, this is great. 😄
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haha yeah perspective is not my strong suit. hopefully I'll improve with studies like these. thanks for your comment!

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Omg this is too beautiful
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Pleasantly cozy

nicely done

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This looks like a nice place to visit.

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You say you remember the time fondly, I can see it in the drawing, it shows. It feels like a space that's been lived in, of all the meals cooked, and lives left their mark on the floors, cabinets, counters, people seeped into the wood like smoke, and the home is all the warmer for it.

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Now this is very good.
The perspective and scene itself seem to have personality.
Pictures that evoke a true feel of a place are something else. Very well done.
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I am loving the work on BGs of this new update, Lois, this one has such a cozy atmosphere, it's really evoking that "break time" feeling.

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I really enjoy the atmosphere and perspective of this piece and I adore the rustic, shabbiness of the kitchen. It feels very homey and lived-in, which is always a comforting vibe. Great job!!
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Very cozy. And no kitchen is complete without a cat.

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Old, crappy, .... and kind-of beautiful, too. "Wabi-sabi" if you know the expression.

Your work - exquisite!

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this looks legendary-
but that cat is just epic XD
I want this kitchen in real form! haha
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