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in the land of oz

it's been a while since i last drew something shamelessly, disgustingly, offensively pink! so while i sat for the thousandth time waiting for my computer to painstakingly render 10 seconds of animation, i figured i might as well doodle up something painfully sweet. here's no girl in dorothy-tribute costume.

inked with a staedler pen, scanned, and colored in photoshop 7.
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GeekyLife80's avatar
i really adore the colors of this one
KristalenComics's avatar
KidoKoala's avatar
Nice legs, Dorothy! They look even sexier in those kneesocks and shoes!
emcityturtle's avatar
Her hair reminded me of an old cartoon or... something, can't remember the name... Lady Lovely Locks?
Th3-C0unt3ss's avatar
awww this is sooo cute! I love her shoes and her hair..everything infact!
I love your work and your style, V.good!!

Id love to be able to draw like you!
Yaslina's avatar
Very lovely hair
pinkcat13's avatar
i love this one so cute
Abihoe's avatar
i wish i knew how to colour like this -_-
tips? lol

amazing picture btw
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This is really nicely drawn, and I especially love the shading! This brings back lots of childhood memories for me, too. When I was little, the best film was the Wizard of Oz, and the best color combination for everything was mint green and hot pink. Green and pink plates, and walls, and clothes... Anyway, +fave for giving me a stroll down memory lane and an urge to draw Dorothy. :D
Kaori-Izuna's avatar
awww shes cute. and very pretty. i dont know why everyone i know says that pink and turquoise doesnt go together. :( i think it's such a beautiful combination. It reminds me of the ocean.
Wonders-Girl's avatar
OMG........she's so the colors
iP00's avatar
Lovely. <33
fleetingleaves's avatar
this pic reminds me of universal, munchkins, candyfloss and mint and wicked. yummm, wicked. :drool:
Sun-face's avatar
I really love the dress pattern. You PWN.
bluehentrooper's avatar
Gah...the pink is making my teeth rot! Woo! ^_^
verdant75's avatar
wonderful, this is the pinnacle of cuteness :D
ChristachiXDariachi's avatar
i also want this one tattooed on me.
KellyCat28's avatar
:) I love her body position and your unique details :)
The pastel colors are a wonderful touch. I love how it still has your style, but is in a warmer shade and tone then a lot of your other work. Really shows your diversity.

Mind if I use the position?
loish's avatar
sure no problem!
Spectra22's avatar
You are freaking amazing 0.o Damn! I'd ask how you color so beautifully, but I know it'd take forever for you to explain, so I'll just have to settle for sitting here in awe and envying your skill.
isadoras-moon's avatar
she`s so adorable!
choleil's avatar
like her hair! looks like candyyy :aww:
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