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i lied...

By loish
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i said i was going to stop drawing ariel but then *kitton submitted this. so this is for her! :]

done in photoshop 7 with a tablet. textures from [link] . for tips on how to apply textures check out [link] . ariel belongs to disney duh.
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Don't stop drawing her!
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Wiz: "in the 19th century, a man called hans Christian anderson wrote disturbing fairy tales that went onto become disney classics"
Boomstick: "1 of them was called the little mermaid"
Wiz: "in the 90's, disney made an animated film called the little mermaid"
Boomstick: "then in the 10's, a psychopath named gen orobachi did his own take on the little mermaid"
Wiz: " in the little mermaid, ariel became infatuated with a prince"
Boomstick: "in the little mermaid based arc, sayaka became infatuated with a violinist with a career threatening injury"
Wiz: " so in order to be with her love, she went to a sea witch called ursula to make a potion to make her human"
Boomstick: " so in order to heal her love, she got a visit by a cute eldritch abomination called KYUUUUUUUUUUUBEEEEEYYYY"
Wiz: " but in the end, ariel, in the original story, was cursed by her grandfather poseidon to do 1000 good deeds before passing on, whilst in the film, she gets a good ending with her lover and has a daughter"
Boomstick: " as for sayaka, she became a witch based off ariel called octavia von schendorf, who then becomes a persona expy of thantos and that was after guarding her best friend from further threats from kyubey"
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I would be sooo pissed if they put Ariel into a Death Battle...

Kida or Mulan, sure, but not Ariel.  :no:
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ShadowDoctrineHobbyist Photographer
I love it when you lie!♥♥♥:'(
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thats very nice of you 
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she's so pretty!
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hayleydigitalStudent General Artist
Reminds me of Klimt!
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Really cool !
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Erichan8DDHobbyist Traditional Artist
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I made a piece based off the color schemes of this! One of my faves of yours: [link]
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loishProfessional Digital Artist
how neat! love the cute cartoony style!
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HueTwoProfessional Digital Artist
A lovely rendition of a classic character. I too grab a lot of textures from CGTextures too. Great site with plenty of content to use.
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Very very good...
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Your artwork has been featured on our Awesome Alt Art blog! You can check it out at: [link]

All the best!
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loishProfessional Digital Artist
thanks so much!
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I love all your work! The use of color is brilliant! Do you mind my asking of how you color these; which brushes you use? It's got a lovely texture, particularly on her skin.
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loishProfessional Digital Artist
for this, i think i just used the standard round brush set to a small size and crosshatched a lot! that's how i used to draw back then. a lot of the texture is also from applying textures to the picture :]
thanks for the compliments!
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Very nice! I am trying to learn all these new techniques and hopefully become as good as you are. Brilliant work!
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luv your work!
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yellowsmoke321Hobbyist Traditional Artist
great rendition of Ariel
familiar yet unique in your style
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wow thats beautiful!
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xxP00h67chuHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow! Her hair just pops out! :O
Honestly, amazing!
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Armelle-96Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Her hair are amazing ;)
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