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By loish
A drawing to celebrate 750K followers on Instagram :) I post there quite frequently so if you want more updates, follow me there!

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mayukoXsakura's avatar
love the way you drew those hands , and hair and face style are so charming

underooss's avatar
Wow, this is really pretty! 
AmericanShaman's avatar
Folston's avatar
Love the glow...
kristine301's avatar
Cute and cheery, well done!
DLPP's avatar
Mbasaga's avatar
wich brush and wich program are you using? amazing!
mincamin's avatar
the colours so beautiful
JohannaEgeria's avatar
terrelal92's avatar
Love it!  Very bubbly
Helsic's avatar
I love the colours!
Gardon's avatar
These hands, YES!
KB-concepts's avatar
Really like the colours and the texture of the piece:D
DearDiarrhea's avatar
I love your works! ^^
tinytinysquirrel's avatar
your art served as my first inspiration ever, thank you
thespoops's avatar
w o w s e r s ur good 
pfaffenhut's avatar
I adore your work tbh. Seeing it Pop up in my notes always makes me smile ♥
Lenatex's avatar
The colors! I love et
MeiMinasaki's avatar
She's SO PRETTY 😍😍
Your art is so good
PsychoMad's avatar
pastelxgalaxy's avatar
Stunning! I aspire to be this good....
SweetPigment's avatar
Incredibly beautiful!!!

I love how harmonious the colours are and how fluid and flexible the woman's pose is, as well as her very warm and welcoming expression which all work in the atmosphere's favour that you tried to convey. 

I have also noticed that the brush stroke that you use are 'harsh' and 'Rough' in a way that makes your style very distinct and particular which I like very much, it puts your own 'mark'!

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