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felt like drawing a bunch of squishy candy-like creatures.. haha.

drawn in photoshop CS3 with an intuos3 tablet in about 12 hours. for info about textures, brushes, painting techniques and tons of other things, please check out my f.a.q - [link]
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o_o.. They look like the little creatures from Slime Rancher. xD That's adorable.
diggermutant's avatar
Happy wingless bees :3
iSkyloft's avatar
this is wonderfull
CorruptedNova's avatar
omfg i NEED one of those things!
oryaakov231's avatar
WOW the colors are so beautiful! really amazing!
INK-Natius's avatar
Awesome and super cute <3
CaptainElsa's avatar
I like how warm it looks :) very pretty!
Handness's avatar
Candy princess is you? I LOVED :D
emma-bluespirit's avatar
This is lovely! I love the colors!
ikbikibi's avatar
Awww so cutee
The-Iby's avatar
very awesome
afternoone's avatar
eikooc's avatar
sooooooo cute !:3
BrandonLoucksArt's avatar
I love art that seems to have its own light! Very well done.
I-Am-A-Flying-Bird's avatar
So sweet *u* those creatures are adorble and the girl shines <3333 Gorgeous expression and face as well
Taj-The-Wanderer's avatar
THis is myfavourite of yours so far.
Barn0wl's avatar
Love the lighting effects as well as the colors. And the girl's expression is wonderful. Great work!
Ardillas's avatar
... its just really good! :)
NRGPreview's avatar
GLOW, BABY!! GLOW!!!!!!!!
I-draw-in-my-mind's avatar
I can't decide if I want to hug them, or pop them XD
FireSkullUA's avatar
You want to hug them so hard that they pop :)
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