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day in the life of lois

this was a school assignment, we were supposed to draw moments from our everyday lives and arrange it into some kind of comprehensive sequence. this is my totally exciting life (i do have a social life, but it's not of any significance here, haha).

drawn with pencil and colored digitally in photoshop 7, with textures added from [link] . for tips on applying textures check out [link]
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Oh what a day.
Sound familiar..
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Your work is wonderful.
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I think I might have the same bed
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C'est juste parfait :) You are sooo talented!
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Ha Ha ha wonderful!
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This is so funny becuase this is exactly my whole life summed up in one comic strip^^;
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This is both hilarious and entirely relatable. I hope you got a good score!!
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Damn! You never smile lol ^^... what a cool way to live huh?
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This rocks! B-) Well done.
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You're an inspiration!
That is, if I wasn't like this already...;)
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this looks too familiar :D
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Lol thats so awesome XD
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TRUE!! you look as me :la:
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so sad but true...
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Honestly... if I would have been your teacher here... straight A+ for the fact that it's genius well executed! It reminds me of my own days back in college. Same story... :D -> Well done, very inspiring!
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