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create this in your own style!


As some of you know, DeviantArt is where it all started for me. It’s where I first started sharing my art and participating in an online art community. Today is a special day because DeviantArt is officially 20 years old!! 🎉 To celebrate, we are doing a DTYIS challenge to celebrate creativity and community! Anyone can participate and you can recreate this art in any medium ~ recreate this character, post it, and tag it with #DA20thBirthday! Be sure to tag it, because you'll get a special badge for participating! I’d love to see her in your style ❤️

Oh, and when you draw her, give her your favorite creative tool! For me it’s a stylus, what’s yours?

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is this badge still available?

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awwwww am i too late for this meme trend ; o ;)////////

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So beautiful and colorful! It truly makes me smile to look at this! I love how everything flows and is so vibrant. Great work!

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# DA20thBirthday

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I never received my badge, when I did this challenge.

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DTYIS Challenge Artsy Girl

I gave her green eyes instead, cause it looked cute, but yeah. here she is! (also, the original one that you made is amazingness!!!)

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I drew her as an Animaniac llama

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I accepted the challenge... 4 month ago.

It was fun recreate this.

This is my version:

20 years
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Thank you again for hosting this challenge! Yours was the first DTIYS I have ever drawn. ^_^

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I know I'm a few months late Emote - Shy Wave 01 but here it is! Thank you so much for letting use this beautiful artwork! It was very fun to do! Smile

DeviantArt Birthday 2020
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I know it's too late but, here it is. Sorry for not using so many colors, I'm very bad with that. My favorite tool... well, because I don't have much money, It's medibang free in my Alcatel tablet (cheap android brand in México). I love the original character and many of the community artworks

DeviantArt 20th Anniversary Happy Girl
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Yes! I was gonna ask if I could do this in my style before I saw that. This is going to be fun! I'll make sure to put the results up on my page. (Although this is my latest style)

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Ohjojo... sexy colors...

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i would be kinda late but i might tryin find time for this

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Great Work Mate :)

wow this is so beutiful i love the colours u used

So neon and pretty!!

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