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Somehow forgot to upload this one when I made it a few months ago! a summery pic drawn back when the weather was warm ~ 

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l love the colors and the composition !

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If her dress were long then I bet she'd belt out the most sultry jazz tunes to melt the trebles and basses off your clefts.


1) Billowy hair. I can't say anything because my vocabulary is tiny compared to the volumes the hair speaks.

2) Colors. Drawing her in blue set against dusk colors is brilliant. The bright "lilies" break her blue blob-ness and makes the piece that much more interesting.

3) Background. If you set your mind in a different place then you can squint and say she's singing on stage, the "sun" is actually the background spotlight and the plants are her microphones. Kinda. Squint hard. I get Billie Holliday vibes.

A gorgeous piece indeed.


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billie holliday was an icon. i love that you see her in this! thanks for your thoughtful comment!

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A combination of lush, tropical vibes and a powerful form, approaching truly original in a world drained of most innovation. Yes, I think this is great.

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Ohhh this would look so pretty as a mural!!
jmont's avatar
Fantastic as always
nerdishdad's avatar

Same as always, it's hard to stick to one style for so long and I admire that.

bhudicae's avatar

such beautiful color palette in this, I could almost be inspired to make another soap based on this one, too! Grin revamp

ObscureFanArtist's avatar

Extremely eye-catching! I love the expression, it say "don't mess with me.".

ray569's avatar

what a great piece of art like it a lot very very nice work:heart: :cries: :clap:

drakeyequation's avatar

Beautiful :heart: What a cutie!

Mangoart740's avatar

Omg, you are so good!

Angrysmack's avatar

This is stunning.

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There's nothing I don't love about this :love:

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thanks so much :)

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