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some girls in pseudo-futuristic attire gossiping about someone, or something like that. pretty inspired by ~Brosa's brilliant artwork! it's a bit rough which i usually wouldn't post on deviantart, but if i don't start posting more of my rough artwork here, my account will soon be on the verge of complete inactivity ;___; sad but true.

drawn in photoshop cs5 with a cintiq 24HD in about four hours. for more info on my artwork please visit [link] | blog | facebook
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Very nice drawings with a lot of personality.
Lovely-Bacar's avatar
wow great art loish
SMstargazer's avatar
I love the face that u made them have hips and thighs!!! Makes them so much more reolistic
SwagGirl333's avatar
could i please use the girl on the left  as a ''base'' for my character?
shehryar150's avatar
may be its just me...i feel like the feet of the person on the right are kinda off
shadamy20's avatar
Love the style
Bexdoctorwhofan10th's avatar
I love your style its so cool! :D
loish's avatar
neat! thanks for showing me!
ibo007's avatar
alle U werk is moie en ik kan geen een vinden dat is niet moie :D:D:D
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This is cool. Sometimes art doesn't need to be highly polished, yanno? ;)
Don't worry, your rough work is still way better than many people's finished!
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hey i'm a really big fan of your work but i must notice you that , the character on the right ( the one with the white shirt) have a really big problem with her knees/feet.
they are not aligned, I hope this will help you for future correctionor i don't know !

anyway awesome work !
aedifico's avatar
Psh, even your rough work is still pretty darn amazing. I for one am glad you posted it so I got to see it. :D
MrsFine's avatar
They really look like tattling about someone. You gave them the rigth faces.
But something is wrong with the brunette's leg. I think the knee looks in the wrong direction?
Besides; I'm watching Brosa now too.
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artistjerrybennett's avatar
I really like these roughs. Should definitely post more!

Fun styles you thought up!
JamesCTrujillo's avatar
Where've ya been. Glad to see you're still creating :D
HeronArt's avatar
love your style.. :)
wisp's avatar
I love the graphic way you handle colours and shapes. It's very sexy.
Emerson-Fialho's avatar
That's cool! Very good...
exwai-z's avatar
nice legs silhouette
ohTHATsean's avatar
wonderful work! I really like their future clothes.
Ai-yoku's avatar
Awesome job as usual! really love the loose lines! kudos!
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