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captive 02

By loish
A second illustration from the captive project. first is here - [link] - and third is here - [link]

Copy/paste of description from last deviation:

Here's what I worked on for most of October/November - animation sequences for Bearkatt Productions, who made a Channel 4 (U.K) documentary about Tanya Kach's life (warning: the documentary deals with very shocking subject matter). 14-year-old Tanya Kach was held captive by an older man, phsyically as well as emotionally, for 10 years of her life - a truly heartbreaking story. The animations were intended to illustrate her emotions when she met her captor at a young age. She rationalized the situation by believing that she was in love and had found someone to take care of her for the rest of her life, something she longed for as a result of not feeling loved or wanted anywhere else. Of course, this was far from the truth.

The animation sequences are basically romantic fairy tale scenes with a 'dark' edge, showing a princess falling in love with her prince. They were edited into the interviews that were conducted with Tanya. What you see above is some artwork which was integrated into the final sequences, to which my awesome boyfriend Arjen Klaverstijn contributed animation and effects.

For more artwork, storyboards and concept art from this project, check out [link] .

drawn in photoshop cs5 with a cintiq 24HD. for more info on my artwork please visit [link]

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I'm curious, where do you get the majority of your clients?
Do you get paid by the hour?
Do you make a lot of sales in society6?

Keep up the good work!
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i get most of them thru the internet honestly. clients look for artists on social platforms (including deviantart), and that's how they find me! i usually go for a day fee rather than hourly fee but it depends on the project. i'm personally pleased with the amount of sales i get on society6 - i feel like it's worth it to sell my work there!
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This is beautiful.
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I watched that documentary yesterday, saw the art and I thought it looked a lot like your work! Mystery solved :)
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Beautiful, the mist adds a bit of mystery to it. Almost like a looming presence telling her not to go in.
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This is brilliant! feels old fashioned... like an old story... :)
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can I take this for my blog? I'm french
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sure, as long as you credit me!
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I love your backgrounds <3
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Very good. Very Disney. :clap:
It is a shame that this story that originally ended on a happy note of her being reunited, has turned into a complete circus of people suing Tanya for writing a book and saying things that did not put people in a good light. No one can say anything about anyone anymore, and it has truly taken away from the original story. Your art is lovely, and this set for the animation is absolutely beautiful.
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yeah, it seems that tanya, just like when she 'ran away', is still surrounded by people who couldn't care less about her well-being and are too busy saving their own hides. i was SHOCKED by the things her father/stepmother said. :( glad you liked the animation!
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