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cafe presse

decided to color a small sketch from my sketchbook!

you can check out some step-by-step process shots here - [link]

drawn in photoshop cs5 with a cintiq 24HD. time taken - about 12 hrs. for more info on my artwork please visit [link]

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I just love this, and all the sweet moments of my life it so charmingly calls forth. Thank you.
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This is beautiful! What amazing colors and the looseness of the sketch makes it look so free. I love the attitude of the painting. 
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wow i saw your shots, can you say me where can i find this pen-style brushes?
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i used the 'oil pastel' brush from here -
  the loish brushset by loish  :)
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How did you do the smoke effect? Is it a special brush?
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i drew it with the same brush i painted the rest of the image with! just the 'oil pastel' brush from my set - 
the loish brushset by loish
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Oh thank you so much! :dalove:
What would you say the subject is in this piece?
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home and cosiness :) actually that's more the theme.. the subject is a girl and her cat / friend!
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I love that tilework.
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when I move out, I need a print of this for my kitchen!!! <3
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Just love it, or should I say everything you do :) I have tried and are still trying to draw like you, your art inspires me :)
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OMG this background ! O_O
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she is in love :)
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rapidly clicks watch
Are you selling prints of this?
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yep! you can find prints here on deviantart ( or on inprnt ( or society6 (
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It looks amazing! I love the background the little kitty and the way you drew the steam
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Heh, cafe press, hmm must go get more coffee now ;)
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this is one of my favorites from your stuff (and believe me, its hard to choose), because it catches the atmosphere of daily life. an ordinary morning, with coffee, close person (husband, perhaps?) and a cat. especially I love the woman, because you've not given her a perfect body, which most of people would (cuz everyone wants to look at hot girls, right). it shows that most of people we meet everyday do not have perfect bodies, but still are beautiful in their own way. and that is much more important than having flat belly and pretty face.
sorry for such a long comment ^^
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glad you like it :) thanks for your comment!!
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