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bust commissions

a while back, I did a kickstarter for my artbook (which you can pre-order here -…), and some of the backer prizes included commissions! these are 3 rough digital bust commissions. From left to right:

- Satoru, an original character by Casey
- A commission for TMirai, based on the leo astrological sign
- a portrait of cosplayer and suicide girl Lua.

if you don't follow me on facebook or tumblr yet, be sure to add me on those sites - I update these more frequently :)

drawn in photoshop cs5 with an intuos4 large in about 3 hours. for more info on my artwork please visit…

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I really, really love the colors you use ♥ More the blue/purple than these one, but this time, the render is really lovely ♪ Especially the middle one, which have a pretty light !
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fkhbabkfhb ahjsbdhb this is so beautiful I don't even have words AAAAAAAAA
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These are everything omfg la in love 
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Amazing job! I'm so fan of your style ! :) Heart Heart Heart 
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I want to be girl #3
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because she's much better
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Who are you to tell that?
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im god of all gods 
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Oh I guess you're also 5 years old aren't you?
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lol give me ur address let me come over to show u 
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Love the girl in the middle. Oh my god Amazing.
I love the gold on her, best choice to contrast the skin color.
All three characters are amazingly awesome. I like how you have the glow of light, on the back of the lady in the middle.
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Beautiful paintwork! Lots of character.
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beautiful hair with the yellow glow of sunlight
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looks awesome, my favourite is the girl on the right Love 
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The three look fantastic. The Leo girl steals the drawing. I like how you drew her outfit yellow. It compliments her skin tone. The original character Satoru looks brooding and handsome. 
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Wow!) nice job!
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They are all so unique and full of personality. Love them :) 
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