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bus stop

started as a quick doodle but i got carried away with polishing it up, so i figured why not post it! wanted to get a faded 70's picturebook kind of look, not sure if that worked out, but yeah.. woohoo textures and fake-bad-printing effects!

drawn in photoshop cs5 with a cintiq 24HD. time taken - about 4 hrs. for more info on my artwork please visit [link]

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I'm not sure they had your permission...  but this was posted on FB.  Your signature was removed.  I recognized it as one of yours.…
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thanks for letting me know!!
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I love that you did a bigger woman. One of my favorite things when seeing art of people is DIVERSITY! I mean people have the right to draw as many fit, blonde, perky breasted women if they want to- and that's fine, people should draw what they want- but to me, when I'm looking at a piece, inspecting it, seeing if I enjoy it, whatever, I look for things that stand out that girl is Egyptian instead of American, that girl is plump instead of thin, That girl has short messy hair isntead of long and straight (I should add, there is nothing at all wrong with pictures of those people) but overall, what causes me to enjoy a drawing, to favorite it, to share it with my friends/family, is like I said, diversity. And you've definitely got it here, hun. Please keep up the good work.
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thank you ^^
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I love the way you did her face and expression.
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Me gusta lo sutil que es tu linea.
I like your sweet line.
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I absolutely love this! Thank you for showing that big girls are beautiful too!
I am in love with this artwork!  I think she looks like a younger version of myself.  I wear glasses, though.  Thank you for representing a fat-chick, because we need more of this in public. She's adorable.  I really would love to see her more!
love that you did a curvy girl!!
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I love this picture. If I had blond, long hair, she would look like me (especially the outfit being something I would wear).
I love her look. She is so adorable!
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I really do like this picture! Most of the plus size female art I see on DA is horrible and not flattering, but this picture is beautiful!
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I totally agree with you!
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She has some awesome curves and does look very cuddly. I love it!! Batman Also batman approves this.Heart 
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i love her soft curves. :)
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she looks so cuddly! Huuug meeeeee!
Sexy and adorable as hell :D
She's Hot! I'd date her in minute.
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wonderful artwork :) Love it
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I love it, fluffy people are oddly shaped (me being one lol) I have skinny legs, but popped out belly (thanks to kids) so this is so real to me, love the outfit as well, cute haha.
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