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bus ride

i'm pretty tired of working on this, so now i gotta consider it done. it's full of mistakes, i know i know.

drawn in photoshop CS3 with an intuos3 tablet in about 15 hours, using refs for some details but not for the overall picture. textures from , tips on how to use textures can be found here - [link] and for other tips check out my f.a.q - [link]

progress shots can be seen here [link]
detail shot [link]
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Aw darn it, you have the coolest scenes in your pictures.
trinime's avatar
I love the fish
young-artist96's avatar
wow that looks really good!
OceanSilverBreeze's avatar
I love the flash of blue in her hair. Every detail is just amazing!
artsometimes's avatar
this is ALL kinds of gorgeous. I could spend hours just zooming in on every little detail of it. you've inspired me so much with your art. 
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omg this kinda reminds me of What About Bob when he took his goldfish on the bus XDD 
finnicky-dragon's avatar
yaknow in seattle (were i live) its illegal to take you goldfish on the bus unless its lieing still

so i hope thats not seattle XD
loish's avatar
Hihi fortunately its not, but I think the same rule would apply in holland!!
finnicky-dragon's avatar
ya most definatly, poor goldfish, no transit for you!
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Holy Crap!!! this is so awesome!
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great atmosphere
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Wow ! it's so realistic ! and the light is beautiful =D
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I like it just the way it is.
gorgeous! love the lighting
I-Am-A-Flying-Bird's avatar
Haha this perfectly pictures how everyone acts in the bus, bored. I like the way she isn't really normal, but typical, holding a fishbowl :'D
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very pretty, though why is she holding a fish bowl? :) Anyway awesome job!
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Mistakes or not, this is the sort of work that puts a smile on your face :)
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This is such a cute piece of art ^_^
And the details of the bus made me realise, hold up, this artist could be dutch :P
I checked, and yep haha
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This work is AMAZING
It also reminds me of not to long ago I brought a catfish home on the bus in a bucket >3<
This whole picture just makes me smile!
Mnemesyne's avatar
It does indeed look amazing and I know you know there are mistakes, but I can only spot that her bent leg looks off. Other than that, absolutely lovely. :)
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indeed, it's the kind of picture that has it's own lifz and power.
the light is just awsome, it sets a whole atmosphere.
great job you are so talented
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