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buncha mermaids colored

this idea is stolen from ~Disney-bubbles, who made photomanipulations of the disney princesses as mermaids a while ago.

lineart done with photoshop 7 and coloring a mixture of photoshop and painter 7, where i used the smeary round brush to color. 

[update 22/11/2013] - in light of the whole ROMWE art theft, i just wanted to point out that when i uploaded this in 2005, i said i 'stole' the idea from disney-bubbles jokingly (something she and others understood!). my intention was to credit her and disney for the ideas in this illustration. little did i know this artwork would literally get stolen 8 years later! 
now's also a good time to point out that the lineart for this piece used to be online for people to color if they wanted to. this seemed like a fun and educational thing at the time. my only request was that people would credit me. unfortunately, lots of people didn't do this, and even went so far as to sell their version of this piece, which is not only unfair towards me but also a breach of Disney's intellectual property rights. so if you're looking for the linework, sorry, i just don't share it with anyone anymore! and if you find an illustration being sold somewhere that looks like this drawing but is colored differently, then that is because they used my linework.

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Kilala-Rossi-Paris's avatar
dam ... this ..would make a very cute doll base .... but I understand I LOVE MERMAIDS >///<
moonlitinuyasha1985's avatar
They're all just playing for second. :D
LizzyChrome's avatar
Fantastic coloring work! 
MercenaryX's avatar
I'm okay with this.
Name-of-a-Rose's avatar
Oh they're so cute! I love how their sleeves are all personalized! Clap 
wilnet1tractor's avatar
Now this, is different.
NommyPanda's avatar
aw damn i would have loved to colour this :) still very nice piece
Zaloffshat's avatar
They look quite neat as mermaids! I like that you added your own style to this too! 
mango-chan88's avatar
This is pretty cute!
very nice may I say+fav Nod Clap 
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465lps's avatar
I love your version of them; so beautiful
Shalialove's avatar
I was wondering if you could make picture where it has no color
OmniTilly's avatar
XxOnlyLxX's avatar
Wow, art theft really sucks.
Chromatik-Fracture's avatar
You're missing Pocahontas! :( 
still a lovely pic though. 
LuciusMimi's avatar
I really love this picture...I think I saw it 3 years ago for the first time here on deviantart in all diffrent colors and backgrounds and stuff. I never would've thought it had such a kinda tragic story...
annafuru's avatar
I really love what you do, you have a real talent to create this pieces. It's a shame that people don't respect it, but maybe you should put a watermark to protect your work :/
art-by-Shiela's avatar
Wow, that is horrible about the art theft... What ass holes >:(
JennaleeAuclair's avatar
Romwe did an AWFUL job recreating this. They make enough money they should've asked you and paid you to use the GOOD version of this painting.
Keni8149's avatar
Ugh those people! What did they do to your stunning artwork! I'm never buying anything from that website!!

But this is beautiful btw <3
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