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a new piece i've been working on, on and off, since january.
forgot to mention when i posted this: i used some pictures as 'texture' on this image, especially for the lake and  a bit for the sky as well! the photos are from my personal canada vacation collection :)

Detail1 by loish  Detail2 by loish Detail4 by loishDetail3 by loish 

drawn in photoshop cs5 with an intuos4 and cintiq 24HD. for more info on my artwork please visit…

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Found this on a random imgur dump, had to track you down to say good job. Really well done.
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thanks so much! 
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there is something about this that always reminded me of the swan princess when she transforms, but then I noticed the red-eyed reflection, and suddenly the mood of this piece became much darker and much deeper
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this is so beautiful!!!
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I saw your work being used on this site without crediting you…
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Oh many emotions...

I do love this! It would make me unbelievably happy if I could write a short story from this! I'd love for people in the writing community to get a look at your work! It conveys so many emotions (oops, already said that lol) and I think it would be great practice for me as well!

Sorry, when I find pieces like this, I can't help but get inspired to write! If you were possibly okay with my request, I'd credit you of course!

*fangirl giggle* I LOVE THIS! (already said that too haha)
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i'm totally ok with that!
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So, I FINALLY finished the story! The link's below and I credited you - and included a link and the picture!

I hope you like it! It was really fun to write!

***Let me know if you can't read it all for some reason and I'll send it to you! Thanks again!***
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Really? Awesome! I'll post a link to it when I'm done!
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Its awesome 
Love this! Your work is so beautiful :)
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I didn't notice the colour of the eyes in the reflection at first. this is so beautiful and yet so terrifying.
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Beautiful. Nice colours!
I just love the subtle yet glowing colouring of this one. Beautiful.
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The juxtaposition is really nice. I did not notice the dark reflection at first but I think that contributes to the painting's overall atmosphere :)
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This is so beautiful! Love the colors, and the trees in the back!
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Red-eye reflection, nice touch. I thought this was pretty, now its scary. :)
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love the texture) very soft
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Love the colours, textures, swirls in this. Just love it.
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Beautiful artwork, love the colours and the idea. :)
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