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ariel scrap

i was drawing with charcoal for some school doodles and couldn't resist drawing some good ol' disney fanart. my scanner was too small though so i had to take a photo and the photo sucks ass. i colored it half-assedly in photoshop 7 and added a texture from [link] . maybe i'll cg this some time.

edit - ahahah wtf! i submitted this the good old fashioned way and now there's a bunch of camera info over there to the right. how the heck did that get there. i didn't fill in any info about my camera. bizaaaarre!
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Dude give her daughter melody some luv I mean she's voiced by Tara strong for godsake XD 
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oh this is amazing i love it on the charcoal ^^
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It almost has the feel of an old fashion movie with a filter on the main girl. It's actually a very good piece, relatively clean for the medium used and the colors are simple. Print it out on old fashion looking amber parchment paper and frame it in a simple wood frame and it would look quite nice on the wall of a corner art studio. Oh and put your signature on the bottom, yeah that would look real nice.
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it's really nice. I love the muted colors.
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it's ariel so i love it :D
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Haar haar is echt goed getekend. Jouw style is echt heel goed
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This is sooo pretty! I love it! :love:
This is amasing!! ** I love your style!! ^^
como eu faço pra conseguir uma caricatura???
me manda um email:
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I love the roughness of this sketch!
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great work!:)
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You have absolutely no idea of how much I love this drawing. ^__^
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i'm in love with your work!:love:
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You render me speechless.
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Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! :+fav:
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luv it!! wow - i luv drawing with charcoal sometimes - its so fun!
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I think she looks great 'unfinished'. ^^
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it's so cute!! I love it!
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I think this is really beautiful. :)
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Ohhh, the texture is awesome. <3 (+fav)
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