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a quick oekaki tutorial

i've been getting tutorial requests like crazy lately so i'm posting this! i hope you guys like it, even though it's not that detailed.

info about the program: [link]


edit: if you can't read the text, check out [link]
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doesn't your computer ever get full from all these programs
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it's an online applet, it doesn't get installed on your computer :)
I love you tutorial.  Thanks for the inspiration!
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thanks its hard to find difference beweeen pixel art and oekaki sometime
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I really don't get what you did on the last step. It's like everything changed after the last step... what magic did you use?
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i just changed the colors of the black lineart and added some soft gradients/color modifications with semi-transparent rectangles :] or more simply put: color grading.
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Wow, this is really cool! I love your drawing style : )
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Thanks so much for sharing this lovely resource, Loish. Your colours and expressions are always so fantastic, it is great to see a step by step of how you get there. :3
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Thank you very much ! I have followed your tutorial and created this work - [link]
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This tutorial has been very helpful to me! Thank you for posting!
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Why not PNG ._.
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everything this adds up too is fantastic

the colours are.. *o* delicious lookiiing :P
i've always loved your art. and now i know how you make it (not that i'll duplicate it or anything). :)
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I've heard a lot about oekaki, could you explain what it is?
Someone said it was learning to draw by song or something and others say its the japanese word for doodle online...
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there is a link in the description to the wikipedia page about oekaki.
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I came back to read this after faving it years ago.. but I think the new auto resize feature made it super tiny ;3; I can't read it
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you can just check out the source image. [link]
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could you make it available for download? full view doesn't make it big enough to where we can read it anymore D:
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ugh, new dA layout can be annoying! you can see the full image here: [link]
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heel handig, zelfs als je gewoon ms paint werkt!
dit heeft me echt heel erg geholpen bij dit [link]!
maar...met paint duurt het te lang om het nog een oekaki te noemen -.-;
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blij dat het geholpen heeft! paint blijft een moeilijke want je kan er geen maskers in maken ofzo.. maar altijd goed om ergens te beginnen!
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