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February 28, 2010
Everything about this animation to me is amazing. The everything from the art direction to the composition to the fluid animation is subversive and effective. This film could easily pass as a professional studio work. Trichrome Blue by `loish
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Trichrome Blue

today i received this note in my inbox from the help desk:

"We have received some Help Desk inquiries from some of your watchers who are experiencing issues with not receiving your notifications concerning your deviations. This is a known issue that we have been working on and need your help in order to eliminate this issue. I have been asked by deviousTechnology to contact you and ask that you please submit 2-3 deviations (no scraps). They will be monitoring the submissions to figure out where the failure is occurring."

so, i figured it was high time to upload my animation!

this was my graduation project for my 4 year animation course at the utrecht school of the arts. it's a long commercial for a fictional company that i came up with, called Trichrome. i made it in TVpaint and Adobe After Effects.

for more info, check out:

i used the annotations to put in concept art for certain scenes, although one of them ("what is this") was just a test to see what annotations actually were. sadly i can't delete it haha!
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that was extremely cool especially the flowers

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Lovely angles and motion perspectives, stunning work, william

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Wow.....this animation is so amazing!
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This is awesome!The concept is great and the animation is high quality.I love it!When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) 
Aquatic-Universe's avatar
Super pretty and really original! The style and colors also look amazing, good job C:
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this was so amazing <3 
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This is incredibly beautiful, Thank you so much for this, it has touched my heart <3
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holy i remember watching this years ago, i didn't realise it was you!! LOVE it!
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Amazing - and very lovely!
MitsukiMiuame's avatar
Beautifull, magnificent :D Heart Heart +fav 
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It was so much commercial, fictional or not :) After I realized it, my hearth got broken :D But technically great, this is for sure.
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haha, yeah it's meant to be kind of a negative twist in the story! like a disillusioning moment :)
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Absolutely beautiful - I have no words to describe it. I love how emotional it is... And it has a Masashi Ishihama feel to it. Very nice! When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) 
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this is so beautiful. I love the flow of the animation, and the mood is so relaxing. I love how the dark colder colors make the flowers pop. this was amazing
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one of my favouritesHeart - Free 
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