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The Sketchbook of Loish

This is the cover artwork for my new art book, The Sketchbook of Loish :) It's like a sequel to my first artbook, but just focusing on rough work (speedpaints, sketches etc). It's in Kickstarter right now! if you back it, you can help us reach the stretch goals ~ which will include stickers, a new playing card set and a coloring book! go check it out here -

Drawn in Photoshop CC with a Wacom Cintiq 27QHD, with textures added from scanned pages and pencil lines.

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Hello Loish!!! 
I am your big fan, I love your work! 
My parents bought me your art books on a Kickstarter - Art in Progress and a Look Behind the Scenes, also poster and playing cards. I love these books very much,they are really cool!
I love to draw and paint too. Since I got your books your art inspired me and I learned many interesting tips and techniques from them.
I showed them to my friends at school and they were amazed. One of them even changed her avatar to one of your artwork! 
Thank you!  
Sasha. R. 😊💕

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thanks so much!!! i'm so glad you enjoyed them :) keep up the great work!!
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I just discovered this kickstarter and I'm curious as to whether I'll receive the rewards (eg the bookmarks and the cards) if I preorder the book now. Hope you see this and reply me!
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hey! sorry for the late reply... it isn't possible to get the rewards anymore, sorry about that!! those were only for the people who backed the kickstarter within the 30 day window. 
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love your art amazing 
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I just bought your art book today, I honestly can't wait for it to arrive! :D

Thanks for sharing your creativity with all of us, loish! We love you! :heart:
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hope you like it!! thanks for the support!
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I love it! No problem!
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Wow! So much character in this picture!
We have it in our library now - Thanks!
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that's so cool! hope you enjoy it!
Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap... That's really really good!!
    Instead of commenting on the art, because everyone already knows that it's amazing, I'm gonna comment on the signature. It's really cute and unique. I actually doubt you could copy that or find an artist who does anything like that. Okay, back to the art: OH MY GOD IT'S AMAZING I'M DYING RIGHT NOW 
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Amazing! I'm in love.
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Oh wow - this picture has quite some dynamics! I really like the coloring of it, and even when I look at it for a longer time, I still see a large sense of motion in there. Wonderful!
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Your art is always wonderful!!!
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Backed already! Can't wait until March! As you can see, you have inspired my love of digital painting and learning from you is helping me to develop my own style! I only wish I'd got back in to art sooner! Thanks Lois!
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Hi Lois, just watching your interview with Bobby Chiu and found out about your kickstarter. So glad I wont miss out this time! I've been watching your work develop over the years and it has been such an inspiration. I wish I could reach your level, you make it look so easy!
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thanks so much :) the support means a lot to me!
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I love the angle of this, and the soft fade-out of line and color, makes a really good feeling! 
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