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New painting! An ode to the winter, which is fortunately over.. It's always a hard time for me.

Drawn partially on the iPad pro with Procreate, and partially in Photoshop CC with a Wacom Cintiq 27QHD.

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I know this picture was posted back when they dug the Panama Canal, but the image still irks me. I tried to draw about it, but the composition was so evocative that I was enraptured and enthralled for so long. Even now in the grips of the second summer after this picture's posting I'm still moved. I apologize if my words fail to convey the strength and fury that your work is STILL driving into my mind.

1) Her expression is not only fitting but it is perfectly placed. Her face's angle does align with her body which makes her overall mass a bit off balanced (if we used physics to analyze); a bit more curve in the back may sell the scene a bit more.

2) Those trees are both menacing and insidious at the same time. I think it's your choice of colors and the juxtaposition of gray and pink(?) that give the picture its unsettling vibe. The branches reaching out, driving into her arm, and tangling her hair is the best statement of winter's grasp on people's psyche that I have ever seen. (I would argue that this belongs up there with Salvador Dali's Persistence of Memory, but that's me soap-boxing.)

3) The sparse use of under-lighting draws the eye towards her expression. Well drawn and the reflections keeping your eyes on her face helps drive home the piece's message. I am sympathetic for her condition as I continue looking at her face.

4) Again, hair. Her hair is gorgeous and how you portray strands of hair keeps me enjoying your pieces. This one especially as they flow and tangle over those insidious branches.

Despite the subject matter of this piece, your work still moves me and jerks my emotions in so many directions. Thank you.
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thanks so much for your insightful comment! 
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You're welcome!

Oh look! You did another art dump...




And here come the feels again...Thank you.
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Wahhh, beautiful!
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The colors and tone of this whole piece is absolutely enchanting. <3 Beautifully done!
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:worship: :worship: :worship: 
:worship: :worship: :worship: 
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:worship: :worship: :worship: 
:worship: :worship: :worship: 
:worship: :worship: :worship: 
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I love this colour palette
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You are simply amazing! You've put so much hard work into learning and it was so worth it! You are such a beautiful artist! 
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Your work destroys me, constantly. Your style and skill are just utterly astounding. 
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such great light and color, hair is amazing
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It's always so hard to find words that could express how I'm feeling when I look at your work. Everything you do is so outstanding! :heart:
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omg this is beautiful! Also why are all these people commenting on the Neck? Its obviously a purposeful stylistic choice(Loish knows how to draw necks.Just look at her older works). Whether you like it or not is not a concern. The artist can draw what they want.
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bruhhhhhhhhh this is dope
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Stunningly beautiful :)
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wow soo beautiful!
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Ooh that's super cool, especially with the way her hair interacts with the branches.
Though her neck is enormous.
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she's got a thorn in her everywhere
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Amazing work!!! :heart:
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