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Style Challenge

By loish
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I was inspired by the style challenge going around and wanted to try out the styles of some artists/studios that have inspired me enormously throughout the years! featuring my own character. oh and you can find krenz cushart's work here on deviantart: Cushart

drawn in photoshop with a cintiq 24HD. 

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I know this is an older piece of yours, but I love how you explore different styles with your work. This is something I love taking the time to do as well! It really helps you to loosen up, experiment and then create something new ontop of it :)

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thanks so much! doing this challenge made me realize how much i can learn from switching up styles. definitely thinking about doing this more in the future.

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I love barbucci's!!!
wierdgirlwhodraws's avatar
love how you even incorporated the different ways of designing characters!
DestineysHeartArt's avatar
I love it so much it shows a lot of work you put into it!
il est trop beau le dernier
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I need do this challenge!
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So... now I def. need to look up Barbucci too! <3
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I dunno what it is but I really really like this. Good job <3
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I love that though all of these are different styles you can see the influence in your own :)
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Awesome work! Not many people can pull this off :worship:
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how to find my style ? :(
I am torn apart, I like so many styles that I can't make a decission...  maybe I am just still drawing not goood enough to decide... I am just afraid that If I will start drawing what is easy for me than I will stop progressing :(
why I am so undecided ???
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i think if you set a clear technical goal (like.. "i want to get better at perspective" or "i need to improve my anatomy skills") then you can keep progressing. just make sure you focus on one or two clear goals and push yourself to meet those goals in your practice and studies! styles tend to evolve naturally as you keep practicing. everyone has their own way of working and if you keep practicing, it will reveal itself to you! 
CubeForest's avatar
Omg thank you so much for a reply , just few days ago I wrote some stuff in wchich I want to make a progress and stick this sheet to ma wall :D but like you said I will have to choose two main goals from tham . Your answer really mean a lot for me because I just had an art block and feel lost. I hope that I will get now  on a right track .
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Wow. Amazing job! You nailed the Disney one :clap:
TereseWA's avatar
Alessandro is pure eye candy (F2U) Miguel Rape Face 
SamanBrosefineIzzle's avatar
Finally! Someone who did this challenge right!
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LOL   In case you were casting about for other styles to try on, how about Gustav Klimt?
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Wise comment, mate.
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I was so inspired I tried it myself ^^ Style Challenge by PandasWings
Loish you are such a big inspiration to me!!! La la la la 
loish's avatar
so cool!!! awesome job!
PandasWings's avatar
Wow thank you so much! Shock 
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