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Sisters of the Mist - 02


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Here’s some concept art I made for Sisters of the Mist, an upcoming animated feature film directed by the amazing Marlyn Spaaij! She wrote a beautiful story about three sisters and their adventures in the forests of the Netherlands, which instantly captivated me, as someone with two sisters and a love for magic and forests! This painting is based off of a sketch by her - she provided the layout and I added color to it.

It’s going to be created in the coming years, with production by Lemming Film and Kristine Knudsen, and creative production by Tünde Vollenbroek, plus financial support from Nederlands Film Fonds. Keep an eye out for this movie in the future :)

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Awesome work! Great forest lighting! I want to be like you when I grow up! :love:

It is so beautiful. The way you composed the illustrations is amazing

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انا أحب الطبيعة والحياة الهادئة

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I love the simplistic style you went for and the lighting, it looks so good :D

JuliaChiarelli's avatar

It's so beautiful!

Its so damnn beautiful art

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I just deleted a comment I wrote, about how great your artwork would look in an animated film, only to read your description after I wrote it, lol. I didn't even have to read that to know this was a scene in a movie! That's incredible. Your work really is inspiring!

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thanks so much! it's fun to go back to my animation roots :)

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this is the first im hearing of this film and im already interested also the beautiful artwork is beautiful

loish's avatar

sure! i gave you some points!

wiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwi's avatar

thanks so much i will give most of them away

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Would love to see this film

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Growing up with a brother and a love for magic and forests, I approve! This is exactly how those years felt.

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This is extraordinary!

ObscureFanArtist's avatar

Very sweet and insipering.

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gorgeous. you are a magician

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I don't have to write that it's glamorous and fabulous, do I?

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This is really awesome! <3

Lookafar's avatar

Ahhh, a movie. Now I get it. (Reading is a useful skill.)

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