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Prayer Plant
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new art! I was saving it for The Sketchbook of Loish but it was cut out of the book because I worked on it too long, and as a result it ceased being a sketch :') Inspired by the beautiful prayer plant!

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Comments (40)
frkDahl's avatar
frkDahl|Hobbyist General Artist
Love the use of contrast!!! <3
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Sereida-Arts's avatar
Sereida-Arts|Student General Artist
This looks amazing! The line, the colors, everything!
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Yalmy's avatar
Yalmy|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love the eyes.
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totiltwithwindmills's avatar
I really enjoy the colors used in this piece =D
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BornFreak's avatar
Her dress is 10/10
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skbeal's avatar
I...love it! How creative!
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EmeyTroi's avatar
EmeyTroi|Student Digital Artist
Oooohhh what beautiful use of high contrasting colors. I've never heard of a prayer plant so I had to look it up. I like how you brought out the bright red/orange veins of the plant and used it throughout the rest of the piece while using the dark greens of the plant and the green/blue of the figure's hair to stand out above it. Even the skin has a beautiful mixture of blue and orange shading which is absolutely lovely. I always admire your use of color. I especially love the figure's eyes, a good high saturated contrast to the rest of the piece. They really draw you in.
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HarmonysCrafts's avatar
HarmonysCrafts|Hobbyist General Artist
I just found your art and i'm fangirling so much rn. You are honestly now a huge inspiration to me. Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] 
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loish's avatar
thanks so much :)
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nemo-312's avatar
nemo-312|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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RgDraw's avatar
RgDraw|Professional Digital Artist
Great work! :D
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DeezzArt's avatar
DeezzArt|Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my ! what a marvelous piece you did there 
it is true that I love the whole composition here 
but I'm specially loving her dress/shirt and the way you colored and shaded the material 
I truly feels like this is the highlight of the piece ! 
also I love her skin tone, how interesting ?? 
I mean she's black, right (brown), but somehow a cold one 
which I feel like it's complicated to get since brow is such a warm color
also I love the leaves detail behind her 
they add such a nice touch to the piece !!
great work as usual  
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ScribbleAndDot's avatar
ScribbleAndDot|Hobbyist General Artist
Beautiful Art. I Have Been Practicing Art A Lot And Whenever I Am Frustrated I Always Think To Myself "What Would Loish Do?" .
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DrMistyTang's avatar
Wonderful color choices, I love that clash. :clap:
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RocioRodriguez's avatar
Love this work and its colors <3
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Gagisagirl's avatar
Gagisagirl|Student General Artist
Your art gives me life
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LeWelded's avatar
LeWelded|Professional Digital Artist
She is beautiful 
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BrooklynPhoenix's avatar
BrooklynPhoenix|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Kanji-The-Wanderer's avatar
Kanji-The-Wanderer|Student General Artist
Brilliant work, wonderfully done~! 
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Ururuty's avatar
cool one
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Angel47093's avatar
Angel47093|Hobbyist General Artist
This is amazing! I really love it. This prayer plant sounds very interesting. :D (Big Grin)
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BlutKaiser's avatar
Your art is essentially the visual equivalent of when my iPhone stops playing Death Metal and starts playing David Bowie, just can't help but feel upbeat looking at it its so damn happy. 
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GoldenNib1922's avatar
GoldenNib1922|Student Traditional Artist
I really like the colors!
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