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March 13, 2018
Polypore by loish
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Newest art! Another piece that wasn't a great fit for The Sketchbook of Loish because it's not a sketch, haha :) So it ended up being cut out of the book! She's a mushroomy witch 🍄

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Scarlet tossed the wins aside, threw them down upon the cold hard floor like yesterday's garbage.

"That's exactly what I wanted to hear!" Scarlet purred as she lifted Polypore up by the throat. "Ohhhh!" She cooed enthusiastically as she brought her sister towards the oven door.

Polypore was drained. Exhausted. She was powerless and infuriated by her sisters giddy, almost ecstatic attitude. "Finally, FINALLY after all of these years," she continued with a sadistic giggle. "...I finally get exactly what I want!" she brought Polypore's face up to hers. "I finally get to kill you!"

Scarlet then lifted Polypore high into the air as the helpless good witch braced herself for the flames.

She hadn't seen it coming and thankfully, neither had Scarlet. Both of the children had thrown themselves right into the small of Scarlet's back.

Polypore fell down right onto the twins as Scarlet, with a blood curdling scream fell right into the blazing inferno that burned within the oven.

Though Polypore was safe, and so were the children, she was far, far from happy.

Her sister, though her heart was wicked, though her soul thrived upon the suffering that she inflicted upon others...

...she was still her sister.