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Improvement meme

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edit - updated to include years up until 2014! changed the layout and added some different art pieces for previous years. /edit

Saw this meme and had to do it! People have been asking to see a sort of timeline of my work, and also, it's just lots of fun to look through old artwork.

for those who don't know what oekaki is, it's a kind of online applet with which you can draw. more info here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oekaki

blank version of meme here: kamaniki.deviantart.com/art/03…

and if you have any questions (about programs, techniques, etc), check out my f.a.q: loish.deviantart.com/journal/6…
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TanukidProfessional Digital Artist
There was an art in the previous version in the 2006 panel called "Tail Spin" that I'm trying to find. Do you remember that particular art of yours? It looked like this one: [link]
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that one's no longer here on deviantart, found it in my old art folders though!
here it is ~

Finished Cat by loish  
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TanukidProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you for sharing Loish! Looks neat!
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daiolupoProfessional General Artist
Wow! Thank you for confirming how much I suck at art. Haha! Damn! your self portraits are beautiful too! 
ResidentFrankenstein's avatar
ResidentFrankensteinStudent General Artist
This is incredible. Thank you for sharing! Your progress has been phenomenal and you continue to make gorgeous art. (Looking at this gives me some hope for future improvement, thanks!).
Jiunna's avatar
JiunnaStudent Digital Artist
oh gosh you really inspire me! ;7; your progress is amazing.
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haruhi98Hobbyist Digital Artist
BitterSweetValintino's avatar
BitterSweetValintinoHobbyist Digital Artist
Is this the artist you should me in class?
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esmeceleneStudent Artist
Your progres is amazing to see! And here I am thinking I might be too old to improve my drawings. Finishing my study graphic design in 2 months and hope to start making more work for myself afterwards. Thank you for giving me hope <3
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Looking at this timeline. I believe I started watching your growth as an artist since early 2007.
It has been a pleasure to follow your work.

Thanks. =) 
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mipatafriaProfessional Traditional Artist
zebmx's avatar
zebmxHobbyist Traditional Artist
so cool!
kaseylsnow's avatar
kaseylsnowProfessional Digital Artist
Really inspirational to see the evolution of your work.
rosheruuu's avatar
rosheruuuHobbyist Digital Artist
You've been amazing for so long!! And I love all of you self portraits~ 
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ThreewonTooHobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful and very nice.  it's great to see your progression!
seanwthornton's avatar
Oh, you're awesome. Makes me terrified to do my own improvement meme.
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IchiNOGOHobbyist Artist
Looking at this I realize I've been watching you for 10 years now, and you've always been one of my favorite artists and biggest inspirations. I can't wait to see what you're doing in 10 more years! :)
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BAMillustrationProfessional General Artist
Thanks for sharing, I love seeing these developments, especially since I've been following your work since early on.
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emimfStudent General Artist
Are you still having troubles with RSI?
Very interesting to see your progression
loish's avatar
i am. whenever i work too long without breaks, the tense feeling in my elbow and arm returns. gotta stay careful!
emimf's avatar
emimfStudent General Artist
damn. yes, definitely. health is #1. it is incredibly frustrating though!
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solid-alcoholHobbyist General Artist
I've been watching you since... 2005?? All the while, your work has always blown me away. You're definitely one of my most admired artists. My progress hasn't been so dramatic over the years.
SeELEarNEed's avatar
SeELEarNEedHobbyist Photographer
It's amazing to have an insight like that, into the development, progression and overall blossoming of an artist.
Thank you so much for sharing something like that, it was an inspiration to read and see it.
I wish you all the best in the future and may we be a part of another meme in ten years time!
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Looking at your 2003 drawings, it just seems as if you've have always been good at drawing lol. I realize that you must have worked really hard to develop your talents and must be so proud of your accomplishments! 

I was interested in knowing what you think helped the most when practiced your drawing?
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