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2016 Calendar

By loish
UPDATE - soon the calendar will be printing for 2017, so I've gotten rid of any references to 2016 on the front and back calendar - the calendar is now good to go for any year you buy it :)

The 2016 calendar is here! As always, it features close-ups of a variety of illustrations I did over the past year. The image for July is a close-up of a special illustration I created for my upcoming artbook, which you can pre-order now -…

To buy one, just click on the 'buy this print' button in the right column, or visit this link and choose 'add to cart'. 

For an overview of the artwork for each month, click here!

If you prefer a calendar with work from previous years, check out the selection of past calendars here. The reference to the specific year on the cover has been removed, and they are now being printed for 2016 :]

For any questions about me and my artwork, please check out my FAQ! 
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Amazing artwork :)

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and when will you have the 2017?  <3 
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just posted it haha! give it a minute for the print to process/get approved.. you should be able to purchase it soon :)
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Woohoo! Thanks <3 
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This is so vivid and stunning. I love how you use different elements to portray movement, such as, hair, oxygen hoses, air, water etc. 
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looks so beautiful and surreal... Love it
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Wow! My favorites are may and august, but all are very fantastic! 
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U have very talent u-u
Cute!!! :D My goodness, you're so skilled with color. 
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This is so beautiful!!! :D
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I love all the picture but my favorite right now is September, but I wanted to know how does the actual calendar look?
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there's some info and product shots here - :] 
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Those eyes though
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Oh my god, can I marry your art please?!!! I'll treat it well, honest!!!!
you are really talented awesome job ;)
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Hi Loish, I have both, Wacom tablet and access to all programs but I just can't find out where to get started from, I know how to sketch and I'm an expert when it comes to Chiaroscuro but I need more info to get started and I can't create any illustrations or sketches, etc, so if you could just give me some tips I'd be really thankful.
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i wrote some tips on my FAQ ( - if you have any specific questions after reading it feel free to let me know!
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thanks I've read it twice lol, but have one problem i can't think of any thing to sketch (digitally) and when i do i can't sketch it and when i do, it look :( so i need some use full tips,and by the way whats your art style and how can i learn it?
your work is amazing and so inspiring, now about my problems, i don't know where to start and its been awhile since I've been trying but i don't see that much of change and yes I'm trying to learn anatomy but its not doing me any good and when it comes to drawing hair i don't know how to apply the strokes, i know how to sketch from other paintings (mostly) but can't do an original sketches or... of my own, so i thought maybe i could ask you for some help in this matter (since you are the  most creative artist I've known) so please don't give me one of those pre written answers or things others have already told (things like practicing, tutorials, anatomy, online classes...).
thanks a lot for your time

your art is amazing ;)
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sounds like you are very frustrated with your own work! i had that a lot when i was starting out and had very high expectations for my own art, that i simply couldn't meet with my skillset at the time. it's important to give yourself more time to learn - the process can be slow at first but soon you will be improving! just don't expect it to happen too quickly. it's a more gradual process. don't judge yourself too harshly now, because that might hold you back and only cause more disappointment. 

if you can't think of things to draw, i recommend drawing from reference (i usually look at the deviantart stock photo section). you say that you can sketch from other paintings, try using the same approach to sketch from photos and real life. your style will emerge from practicing your technical skills, and drawing from reference is a great way to do this. try to draw someone/something in a realistic style, and then afterwards maybe a cartoon or anime style. this way, you practice your observational skills as well as your ability to make stylized works. just keep doing it until it starts to feel more comfortable. this might take a while but it's worth it to keep trying!

i think once you are comfortable with drawing from reference, you need to take the leap into drawing from your imagination. when i first did this, it really felt like a strange thing to do - very uncomfortable and i didn't know where to start! but just keep at it. soon, it will start to feel better. you could also 'warm up' by starting with drawing from someone else's artwork, then moving on to photo reference, and then ending with stuff from your imagination. within this session, you will gradually have to let go of what you know and you might be less and less happy with what you're able to do, but the more you do it, the more it will feel good! give yourself time - weeks, even months before you see improvement. but it will come!

i hope this helps - don't give up, i really know how it feels to be so frustrated (i have old sketches with angry text scrawled all over it because i was so unhappy with my lack of skills), but if you can channel that frustration into productivity, you can learn a lot :) the learning curve is very steep but you can do it!

thanks for your compliments and again, feel free to ask any questions you have!
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Think I'll treat myself to one. Something to gawk at whilst I wait for your art book! :)
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simply beautiful
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