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Updates, finally answered my tag, sorry for the late responses for your journal :iconal-ellie:

1. Complete the sentence: How do you even...
    A: read that?
2. Who's your partner in crime and why?
    A: my teddy, because he knows I'm a little evil.
3. Favourite youtubers?
    A: National Geographic?
4. How would you describe yourself in one word?
    A: Picky
5. NOOOOO A _____ ACOPALYPSE! What do you do?  (Fill in the blank pl0x)
    A: zombie! I think I'll hide?

So it's been here and there with life. I've been busy trying to sort out somethings before a major change. A good change. I'm excited, I have a few weeks left, and then I hope to finally be where I want to be. :)

I've also been practicing drawing male body figures, and trying to do fan art, but it's not going so well. I'm too picky about they turn out.. Shall show you more later on.
  • Drinking: Tea
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April 7, 2016


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