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Commission Information



  • All commissions are for PERSONAL use only. NOT commercial use. .
  • I'll only start drawing your request after I receive the payment.
  • Please be aware that there will be possibilities that I will cut down on details.
  • No refunds unless I could not finish your picture for any reason, whatsoever.
  • I would rather not have deadlines but if there is one, let me know ahead of time.
  • Depending on the complexity, I can finish from a couple of days, up to 3 weeks.
Bullet; Green  What I will draw: 
Whatever you want me to draw. I'm open to anything!
If I feel like I can't draw it, I will let you know.


Once you read all the rules and you decide to commission me:

  • Send me a note, or email me the details of your request, using the form below.
    If you don't have an DA account, you can email me at:
  • I'll give you a confirmation message and a price quote.
  • Drafts and rough sketches will be shown throughout the process.
    (Let me know of any changes, during this process. If you don't, my perception will be that you're alright with the drafts so far and continue as is.)
  • Uploaded works in my gallery will be in a lower resolution.
  • Upon completion, the commissioner will have the full resolution version. A4 size, 300dpi.
  • With traditional art, I will mail your drawing for a fee.


Please title your note with either - Traditional or Digital Commission
Style of commission: Lineart or Coloured; Full or chibi
Paypal or points: Let me know what form of payment you're using.


Prices and Art Samples

I will accept any of the payment forms:
:iconpaypalplz:  &  :points: paid through the widget on my page.
Paypal payments are made in USD, buyer handles Paypal fees.
Payments can be made to: .
$1.00= 100 points Use the widget on my profile to pay with points please.

ALL art will come with a background that I see fit for the drawing, unless told otherwise.
For detailed background, I'll be asking for an additional price.


Digital Art

These drawings are drawn and coloured in Photoshop CS6 and Sai.
These drawings are all full body drawings, unless told otherwise.

Full Body:
$10.00 for Detailed Lineart
$25.00 for Coloured Art
+1 character: $10.00

$5.00 for Detailed Lineart
$8.00 for Coloured
+1 character: $2.00

  Thief by Loilie  Thief2 -Male by Loilie  Clouds by Loilie Chib's by Loilie
  New workcolor - Theif by Loilie Sailor Cosmos by Loilie R Tiger coloured by Loilie Bamboo goddess colours by Loilie Multiple Lunas by Loilie


Traditional Art

These drawings are inked and coloured with Prisma Markers, watercolour, and colour pencils.
These drawings are all full body drawings with simple backgrounds, unless told otherwise.

Full Body:
$8.00 for Lined Art/Inked
$20.00 for Coloured
+1 character: $5.00

$5.00 for Coloured
+1 character: $2.00 (up to 3)

  Moon family - girls by Loilie Sailor Cosmos Fanart by Loilie 

Hades and Persephone Coloured by Loilie Commission Noxic for Elogratica by Loilie Ms.Galaxy by Loilie GO Commission 2 part1 by Loilie

:heart: /Many thanks for the support//  :heart:

Digital and Traditional sheet, update 2/22/2014
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February 21, 2014
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