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Hi, how are you? If you're looking for a logo designer. Here I am! I can design your logos, branding, digital marketing and seo needs. Heart 

You can check some of my work on fiverr es.fiverr.com/karyface1/design…

Hello all!

I’m am reaching out to see if there would be any interest in this community for a small contest.  The Prize would be $500 for the winner and of course credit posted on our “in development” website. Please reach out to me if you are in any way interested. If I get enough positive feedback, I setup a contest.

Thank you
If you need a Heraldic, Luxury LOGO, suitable for any kind of Business which requires a Noble and Classy Impression... then you are on the right place and can place the order right now. Our Logo Design Characteristic is focus on Symmetry Ornament, Crests, Heraldic and other design motifs that can impart a luxury feel. 

Not sure if I am at the right place:
I require a logo for a podcast that is not meant to generate money (meaning I do not plan on monetizing). It is a private project, but I am willing to pay for work!!

I do have a hand drawn version that needs to be digitalized and probably the colors changed. Please PM me.
Saya bisa bantu anda mencari logo bisa saya kasih saran logo seperti apa yang anda inginkan?
Saya mungkin bisa membuatkan