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There is a new wave rising and it is slowly gathering momentum ... When it carries on like this we will soon have a tsunami. Don't worry, you don't have to go and hide under your bed or sit on Mount Everest because this new wave is not a scary present from mother nature. Instead, it has everything to do with giving stuff away for free. No strings attached, no ego-trippery in the shape of "giving credit", no nonsense about "you cannot change anything", "you cannot use it for this, that or whatever" BUT "you have to pay for it".

People, that attitude is no longer acceptable. The antique sayings "you reap what you sow" and "the more you give, the more you get" are all the rage right now. As it stands, it's for a good reason. We are entering the Golden Age and all those who are trying to make people pay for creativity (or anything else) are on their way out, whether they like it or not.
Because of that, but also because I like giving, I am going to make all my stuff available for free.

I thank everybody who has bought bits and pieces from me during the last couple of years and I hope that it lived up to your expectations, but from now on you can keep your money in your pocket. During the next week or two I am going to remove all "premium content" from my account and replace it with FREE content. So, if you're thinking of buying, wait a little while and you can download it for free.

On top of that I am planning a brand new project which has to do with modular 3D models and props, textures and materials. All of it will be made available to you at no cost when it is ready. That won't be next week or even next month because I am doing it in my spare time which I don't have too much of. However, I am committed to the new share-and-share-alike vibe. A couple of weeks from now you will no longer find any content you have to pay for on my DA account.

I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a premium-content-free New Year!
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Goodbye Core

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After being a Deviant for nearly 7 years, I have given up being "core". It's just too much trouble ... Instead of taking my points and lengthening my subscription, I have to do it by hand every bloody time! I've had enough ... I have better things to do. Besides, it's way too expensive ...
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A good friend of mine and some of his pals have recently started a charity to help animals which are displaced and severely damaged by war. They are hands on, they're not sitting behind a desk and order other people about. They actually go into the war zones and try to save as many animals as they can. Please, have a look at their website and support them, if you only leave a message, that would help a great deal. You can find those brave men here:

Animals are a vital part of our environment and our well being. However, nobody ever stops to wonder what violence does to them. Every living creature on this planet deserves to have peace and love. Help them and they will help you by giving you the love you deserve.

Thank you! :heart:
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On the 4th of March of this year me, my sister and my brother lost a treasure ...

The beautiful, creative and inspiring woman who gave us life and lots and lots of joy and happiness. Not just when we were growing up but until the very end. My Mother ... She passed away unexpectedly after an accident in which she broke her leg. For most of us it would've meant a bit of pain, lots of discomfort and an inconvenience.... It killed my mum. She was only 75 years old.

Her life was eventful. She was born in January 1940 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, right at the start of the WWII. Although she was very young, she had vivid memories of German soldiers raiding the neighbourhood, hunting for Jewish people and men who were able to work for them. We grew up with stories of how her dad, my grandad, had to hide under the floorboards during the SS raids, which occurred just about every week. How she, her older brother, my uncle Herman, and my grandmother had to stand in line for hours to get a cabbage or, if you were lucky, a slice of bread to feed the family. I won't even mention the bombings.

By some stroke of luck, the whole family survived and my mum grew up to be a pretty, blond haired, green-eyed young woman. When she was 20, she met my dad. At that time he was a rebel, a wild thing. My mum soon tamed him and they got married after two years of romance.

Long story short, I was born two years later, followed by my brother another two years later and, cherry on the cake, 11 years after I was born, we had a sister.

18 years later, disaster struck. My mum was diagnosed with lung cancer and had an emergency operation. While she was recovering in intensive care, my dad unfortunately became a wild thing again and left us for another woman. Men will be boys ... Mum was heartbroken and so were we. However, mum turned out to be a trooper. She sold the family home, which wasn't a tragedy because me and my brother had already flown the nest and my sister was about to, acquired a nice flat and got back on track. She was very active in charity work and seemed to enjoy herself.

Another 18 years later, mum became increasingly fragile. She had heart problems, and more disturbing, terrifying nightmares. I lived in England at the time but my marriage broke down due to 'men being unable to grow up' and I moved back to the Netherlands to take care of mum. Well, somebody had to...

I did whatever I could for her for 5 years. Until ... she went out to do some shopping while I was working, fell over and broke her leg. Our GP called me right away (some unidentified good Samaritan took her to the practice). I dropped everything and got there just in time to escort her to the hospital.

She had an operation to repair her leg and things looked good for about a day but then she mysteriously contracted a pneumonia and, after a long struggle for breath, she decided that enough was enough. Me, my sister and my brother were at her bed side when she died. It was the most earth-shattering thing I have ever experienced.... I bloody well saw my mum die...

For her funeral, we had a white coffin, a white hearse, and white flowers. It was appropriate, my mum was an innocent caught up in crap in many ways she didn't deserve. The service was serene and beautiful. We played her favourite music (Bridge over Troubled Water, El Condor Pasa, and some more beautiful music) and the whole family and lots of friends, neighbours and acquaintances (even some people we hadn't seen for years) were there. It was heartbreaking and hope-inspiring at the same time.

Rest In Peace, lovely mum. I still can't believe you're really gone.... We'll meet again, I'm sure of it.
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Do you agree that rating artwork by the number of comments it receives is quite ridiculous?

6 votes
Yes! It has nothing to do with quality or creativity.
No! I have 3 million friends who comment no matter what I upload!
Depends ....
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