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Game night
This depicts The high ranking members of the Lethal Legion having a Gameathon. They've all taken turns and so it's winner vs winner, and it's a pretty close match. I had a lot of fun drawing this picture, I drew and coloured a traditional version of this picture but I wanted to remaster it digitally and this is the result.

Dr Doom, Abomination and MODOK belong to Marvel but Hertz is my intellectual property and is not to be copied in any way shape or form.
Doom portrait
I can't get enough of drawing this guy, this time I added some semi-realistic textures.

Doctor Doom belongs to Marvel, I only own my art.
Destroyer Armour charged
This is my take on the destroyer armour, One of my favorite sets of armour in the Marvel universe. It's a regular powerhouse made of nearly indestructible asgardian metal, and it has the capacity to conjure up a terrible beam of energy that can disintegrate almost anything in its path. It sounds like the Ideal piece of military hardware but it tends to turn it's users into mindless killing machines. But if someone was to develop a remote control for it then I think it would be easier for the mortals of Midguard to manage. I thought it would be fun to draw the Destroyer armour with bands of orange light showing though the cracks of the armour to indicate it charging up to shoot one of it's death beams.

The Destroyer armour belongs to Marvel but this concept is my intellectual property and is not to be copied.
Slade Greyscale
Just for fun I drew this dragon completely in Grey-scale, This is one of my original species and it is called a harpoon dragon. The males have those large facial horns whereas the females don't, this species is know for it's bright colouration.

This is my own intellectual property and is not to be copied in any way shape or form.
I was in an Ultimate Spiderman Haze when I first drew this up. He's a rather interesting villain because he only intended to strike back against his bully, but he got a bit carried away. He took an internship at Oz corp and took advantage of their genetic research to turn himself into the Rhino. The serum he took turned a skinny little boy with a great intellect into a brute of a creature that can barely string a few sentences together, so Rule of thumb: don't take rhino juice especially when they are made at Oz corp. He rode with the Heroes for a while but Doc Ock turned that on it's head when he took control of the Rhino effectively making him a member of the sinister six, but that went pear-shaped and the Rhino was cured.

The Rhino belongs to Marvel. I only own my art.
I'm back, but a few things have changed, one of those is that I am no longer as into Transformers as I used to be since I've jumped on the Marvel bandwagon, I practically grew up with Marvel and found it easier to assimilate then DC, don't get me wrong I like DC but I love Marvel, it's more familiar to me and most of my favorite Super Heroes and Villains are in that fandom. I'm closed for trades and I'm not going to open them up any time soon, too much going on. I do have a few trades and one gift that's already in the works and I plan to get them done as soon as possible. My laptop had it's keyboard replaced and it's AC adapter, I wasn't able to get internet credit until recently, Now that all these issues are fixed I will be able to talk with everyone online and work on my digital pieces. I'm also not going to be online as often as I used to be, as I said, there's a lot going on and I'll be too busy to drop by as often as I would like.
I missed you all and I hope you are well.


LogicalConclusions's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
Hello I’m Helen.
I’m made in Australia from local and imported ingredients, I have a dark but controlled sense of humour, I’m as cold as Ice, quiet and reserved towards people I don’t know all that well, but get to know me and you won’t be able to shut me up. I aspire to one day to become a Concept artist for movies and games. I love playing with different concepts whether redesigning existing ones or making up my own, because of this my friends have dubbed me ‘the mad scientist’. I’m an I.N.T.J also known as the Scientist/Architect/Mastermind personality type; I never know which one to go with because Definitions tend to change as quickly as they are set. Art is my life, I live and breathe it and without it I would atrophy. I’m an Artist that has a fascination for Science and anything to do with space, and have a love of all things fantasy and Sci-fi. I’m predominantly Villain oriented but now and again I will draw one of those accursed heroes. I love nature and places far away from Civilisation. Don’t get me wrong, I like the look of concrete jungles too but I have a greater preference for places left wild and untouched by Human kind.

I love to experiment with different styles, shapes, colours and mediums, I enjoy drawing my favourite characters and messing with their designs, I also love making my own characters and designs, I practically never stop drawing at least until I crash out. I have a unique perspective of the world and I don’t always find it easy to connect with others, but I will always give it a go. I love talking at length about nearly any topic imaginable but if it’s outside my sphere, my responses tend to be a bit short.

When I’m up to it I don’t mind doing trades with people but requests are solely for friends and only when I offer. I’m tricky like that. I don’t like NSFW or drawing romantic stuff, but for my friends I tend to bend that rule.

I work strictly on one layer when it comes to drawing my realistic pieces, and two layers for comic drawings. I draw in my own effects without using references, sometimes I will use a reference when it comes to drawing canon characters I’m unfamiliar with, but mainly I draw from memory. I work with both Traditional and Digital mediums, I find it easier to draw traditionally although I prefer the digital finish, and the fact that they are easily transferable from one device to another.

I’d like to introduce the two main characters that represent me, they are both obsessed with purple have a predisposition for villains and a great love of science, knowledge and logic, they are each formidable in their own way but do share some weaknesses to make them more balanced:



And I should introduce to you some of my close friends and some other awesome people that inspire me and have helped me:

My IRL friend and sister from another Mr:

My great internet friends:
Bumblebee-20, cher123456, OpethHunter-Predacon, Lumen-Terra, temarcia, and Zer0geo.
Inspirations and awesome people:
ProphetofPrimes, potente789, MitConnors, CalamittaBat, VendettaPrimus, TFomegastar, Maximillian-N, ErableEspion and LupaChu

Well that’s pretty much It, I’m sure I'll tell anybody who wishes to know me better about anything else.



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xxxxNinjaGirlxxxx Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey! I just thought about something, Did I ever ask you if you would like to do an art trade with me sometime??
Neosfusion25 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2018
Ahhh your art is so pretty! UvU
LogicalConclusions Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2018  Student General Artist
Thank you!
Neosfusion25 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2018
Yw!! :3
CaptainSguiggle Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Thank you SO much for the Watch! I an honestly a little starstruck because I've been loving you artwork for a while. I was surprised when I found out that I hadn't watched you yet. :3 and just thank you so much! I really hope to not disappoint you and to entertain you with my skillset! ^_^
LogicalConclusions Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2018  Student General Artist
That's okay, and thank you ^.^ 
You have some nice pieces and it would be cool to see more of them, so of course I would click watch!
CaptainSguiggle Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2018  Student Digital Artist
:3 Aw, I am literally beet red right now. I just can't even, you are so kind. ^_^
LogicalConclusions Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2018  Student General Artist
That's okay ^.^
teazuko Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
a wanted to ask how he look s doom in the avengers assemble just to now for sure a look  the serie on tv now to tomorow a will see     ultimate spiderman were doom come s in it to   and avengers assemble
LogicalConclusions Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2018  Student General Artist
The Avengers Assemble one I think is the best, but I like the one in Ultimate Spiderman too. He only actively appeared in two episodes of Ultimate Spiderman in the first season, and they were great. He was in four or five episodes of Avengers Assemble, he really does some damage in these episodes. My favorite is when he got the Avengers to be his bodyguards.
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