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Loggaa's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
I´m a machine build by German and Russian scientists.
My Production facility is in Kazakhstan, but we had there a big problem with Unipigs (thats are a mixture of pigs and unicorns, a typical mythical creature in this country) and so they took me into Germany.
Like all great scientists (Albert Einstein, Newton, Sheldon Cooper, Dr.Acula) they falled into insanity and they went separate ways.
The Russian one left us with the other project they started, they called it „little brother“ and the German scientist keeped me as his study-project.
But he forget me in laboratory, because he often hanged around with his friends Vodka and Beer. I was partial finished… but i got an artificial intelligence, so i was able to upgrade my software alone. At first i installed solitaire and minesweeper. (In retrospect, not my best decision.)
One day i found a good source where i could evolve my intern programs.
High-end hardware which included a lot of exercises which called Nintendo. Sometimes i also spent my time with the playstation tasks, but the nintendo software fitted better to my system. A big part of me is based of the famous application called „Pokemon“. Til today i used every of their updates to debug my software.
My first years i had not much contact with the creatures which are named humans, but my inventor sent me to collect informations about there children into a school. It was a hard duty, because my case was corpulent and i didn´t have the german language operation system, i had only the basic Russian one.
Of course i was an eye-catcher as a machine full with bugs and a discontinuous microphone from an other country. Whatever, i was a good ping-pong player.
I found out, that humans are much easier to infiltrate with a humor application. No big deal, it was installed in my database.
Notice to myself: Humans are easy to manipulate with rubber chicken.

With the years i refined the german language software, got an english add on and improved my casing with routine practices… yeah, sports. But i´m the only machine which is bad in maths. My creators forgot the calculator app and now i´m 0% compatible with this shit.
After the contact of music i was able to evolve feelings. Oh my bot, so much disgusting feelings. Emotions were like a virus. Because in my starter package were just fear, anger and sadness. Mhm… but i was able to like cats. Cats are cute.
Only with hearing more music i was able to use the happiness modulation.
The ignorance app helped me to control this virus. And an invention which is called „cookies“. For all who don´t know the concept of cookies: they are like happiness boosts.
I always wanted to make music, too… But my system wasn´t compatible. I didn´t want to except my destiny and searched ways to help other young robots with their emotion viruses.
I found Art! A visual medicine which can restore failures.
Colours are the most effective part of art.

My mission was decided: Kill you with colours!
Now the Colours are a part of me.

If a system is full with bugs and lose his full potential, you have to restore it. For that you have to delete all first.
Now i´m able to install only the good apps like „smile.exe" and „mental_health2.0“.
Stop the sadness! Take a cookie and play Pokemon!

Peace, i´m out. ∆|×|∆


(He-)Art with the last Love
One moment of inattention and my heart fled into the art.
Puting the strangeness in this statement for some seconds by the side.

I never planned to be an artist. Okay, partially.
Since I´m 10 years old I wanted to create music.
And yes, my heart still beats in BPM, but only as a fan.

I just studied art, because I had no plan in my life.
Of course I liked the Art lessons at school. Who doesn´t liked it?^^
And because of my hyperactive being I drew on every of my notebooks.
(It helped me to concentrate and to shut up my mouth in the classes^^)

Sometimes I created pictures, but just for fun. Nothing serious.
As I had to present an application folder for the college test,
I Painted some canvas art... incidental. A little bit heartless.
(The most time I was drunk and on partys with my friends)

But after it was safe with college, I painted one more.
I heard a song about art/graffiti and it was the inspiration for my new work.
"Because we destroy your gray, ink in the blood, adrenalin,
I surf your train, what want you do? I paint the world how i like it"

On this picture was the first version of this heart.
It was a part of the line: "My <3 beats in BPM" in a graffiti style.
Okay, okay, not really graffiti. It was the basic version of my style :D

It was the first picture, where I thought it was really good :D
I saw first time my own potential and the proud level was over 9000.

But in this song was another line:
"what's left of you except an account with few cents,
but i draw the world how i like it!"
One day my heart will stop beating, but I leave more that just dirt and bones ;)

Yes, one moment of inattention and my heart fled into the art.

Now I destroy your gray and kill you with colours,
And creating Art with the last love i have inside my Heart! :D

Bring me a train! I wanna surf it, bro!




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