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June 29, 2010
I'm a Chrome user and I've found it difficult finding plugins and extensions that were made for deviantART. Especially extensions that are useful. So you can imagine how happy I felt when I came across dA Message Notifier for Chrome by ~logeg. I love it.

[dA related > Browser Scripts and Extensions]
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dA Message Notifier for Chrome [defunct]

dA Message Notifier: A better way to track your deviantART inbox!

The extension is now defunct due to changes on DeviantArt side

You can read about it at…

A presentation / manual for the extension:

Download link: [REDACTED]

The extension now has a dedicated group, dANotifier

Be sure to check it out if you want to give feedback, learn what's in for the next versions or participate in beta testing.

Oh my god, a DD. A huge thanks for your interest in my pet project; I'm afraid I won't be able to reply to every comment / thank you for every fav, but I'm honored and wish to thank you all back.

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DCFan2004's avatar

The da notifier in my end isn't working properly because it just received an error.

logeg's avatar

Sadly, this is the end of the road.

Thanks for sticking with it for so long!

TheReturnOfTKB11's avatar

you havent posted for so long

DraakeT's avatar

:wow: Thanks a lot forever!

Valognir's avatar

This makes me consider using Chrome. xD

logeg's avatar

Well.. It does work in Firefox (but not published in the official gallery).

Valognir's avatar

Oh, it does? Cool, thanks for letting me know. ^^ Just found the download through the group, hehe.

James-MacCloude's avatar

right now I can't clear out my watch menu or access anything directly that appears there, I have to click the artist's link and then go to his or hers site. This has been going on for over a day now. WTF! You can't blame it on the classic site now as you have already retied it.

Please fix this, or reboot the old site and retire eclipse.

P. S. if this is not the right place to report this bug, please forward to the appropriate venue. Than you.

logeg's avatar

Um. Author here. Just so you're aware, this page is specifically about a browser extension, and not an official extension at that, so I have nothing to do with DeviantART proper. So you're yelling at a random dude to "retire eclipse", pretty much.

With that out of the way, I would suggest that you do a little more research as to the appropriate venue. If this is specifically about my browser extension, it probably is; if it's about Eclipse in general, it certainly isn't.

Whatever the case, you're not making your problem very clear.

James-MacCloude's avatar

thank you my apologies

Voleno's avatar
It appears they're rolling out the Eclipse layout for good today. I'll still keep this around in hopes that it could be updated. It was great for navigating the site and only being on there for productivity reasons after receiving notes etc. Really cut down on idle browsing time.
logeg's avatar

It has been updated; it is still functional for the moment.

Voleno's avatar

Thanks man. I think the last time I tried to use it with Eclipse was months ago, so my information was out of date. I checked the journal post and see it works now and I look forward to whatever you plan to do with the tool to further integrate it.

xxenium's avatar
You did a great job with this extension.
legorulez49's avatar
Well, you were an excellent extension in the long run. Fuck you deviantArt eclipse I hope it kills your site.
logeg's avatar

For what it's worth, some band-aid / duct tape was applied, and hopefully the Notifier should be useful for some time more in Eclipse. In parallel, a new version will be considered.

meizh's avatar

I'm not sure but even when I re-login it shows "No Notifications for ???" It won't show my name for some reason, and I haven't gotten any notifications with it yet so I'm not sure if it even gives me notifications.

logeg's avatar

This should be addressed now.

meizh's avatar

oh nice! it works nicely so far <3 thanks!

logeg's avatar
It will not work properly if you have Eclipse enabled. So it may be that the extension will die soon, when they finally phase out the old UI..
meizh's avatar

I've tested it for about two days now, but the only issue now is that it doesn't show our username and is ???, notifications seem to work fine! I still get them :)

logeg's avatar
That's because the username detection relies on parsing your message center - a page that changed with Eclipse.
Another thing that doesn't work (not well, anyway) is linking to a specific part of the message center when a notification / line in the popup is clicked.
IgnisDraconi's avatar
Amazing! thanks for share!
Great work!
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