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I kinda liked what I did with Parasite in the DC-My Hero Academia amalgamation, so I decided to dive a little bit deeper into why I choose Parasite to replace Shigaraki.
Originally I was going to choose Bane, due to his backstory, but I thought he wouldn’t really fit the growth that Shigaraki has during the course of the manga, as Bane is shown to be an incredibly skilled, powerful and smart opponent, that gets the upper hand on the hero both physically and mentally. Another good pick was Black Hand, but I wanted someone more “ grounded” then a literal vessel of Death itself, so since I believed Superman was certainly going to be All Might, I decided to check his rogues gallery and Parasite was perfect for the part. For everyone who doesn’t know the character’s origins: There have been two different people that have mutated into the Parasite, the more sympathetic Raymond Jensen, and the pathetic nobody Rudy Jones ( which is the most famous one). Unlike most of Superman’s villains the second Parasite was just a random nobody that got incredible powers that came with a very painful flaw, and I love that concept. Since Shigaraki is introduced as just a random criminal with no record, I thought that Rudy was the perfect fit. One thing that I also love about Parasite is his mostly grotesque appearance especially in recent media, so I decided to incorporate that kind of aspect into this design, giving him three tongue that can absorb life-force much faster than his touch which works the same way as Shigaraki’s. In the end he’s powers will be incredibly increased and his body will no longer be scrawny and malnourished as he won’t need to feed of life-force constantly anymore, but he will still be a puppet use by the main bad guy as future vessel.
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