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Leech and Mudpile

So, Ben10 villains aren’t really the deep kind, in fact the majority of them are pretty straightforward, but since I’m making a completely different universe, I decided to give Ben some foes that can make the fights feel a little more “personal”. Introducing Sam Bullit ( Mudpile) and Roy Campbell ( Leech), Ben’s former friends turned into mutant bad guy for reasons that I’ll explain here.
When Ben and Gwen transferred to the small coastal town of Bellwood, they didn’t know anybody and quickly fell victim of the local bullies, fortunately a scrawny girl that was at least 3 years older than them stood up to defend them and got beaten up instead of them. Her name was Sam Bullit, the daughter of the owner of the nearby energy plant that gave electricity to the town. She quickly became some sort of big sister to the two kids, especially for Ben who later inherited her laid back attitude towards things. While Gwen met another older teen, around the same age as Sam, called Roy, who worked as a lab assistant in the laboratory of doctor Jacob Pivet. Thanks to Roy, who became part of the group, she would be able to earn the position of doctor Pivet assistant. Compared to Sam, Roy is a lot less impulsive and extroverted, but he tends to have a much more analytic way of thinking, which can sometimes making doubt his own decision, compared to Sam’s inventive quick thinking. Much like Ben and Gwen, Sam and Roy had difficult household situations: Roy’s mother was seriously sick and he needed the money for the hospital bills, while Sam had a particularly distant father who was never proud of her, as she never really excelled at anything, while at her age he had already won multiple trophies in math tournaments. One night, two weeks after Ben had gained the Omnitrix, Sam had found a secret facility hidden in the forest, and thought that by raiding it, her friends would have been able to get rid of their money problem. Gwen refused, but swore not to say anything to the adults, while Ben excitedly accepted. Unfortunately as he was left outside as a lookout, he decided to switch into Barbed Wire and see what his friends were up too. Ben was horrified to discover that the stuff that Sam wanted to steal were alien weapons and Roy was willingly helping her. Terrified of what it could happen if those weapons were sold to the wrong people, Ben leaped into action in his new form and a fight broke out. During the commotion, both Sam and Roy got exposed to some weird chemicals, but apparently nothing happened to them. So Ben switched back and waited outside making them believe he stood as a lookout all the time. When the three split however and Sam and Roy went home together, their mutation started to show.
Roy’s skin turned green and black while weird symbols started forming on his chest and palms, his face began to lose features as his nose and mouth got obstructed by his skin and all the plants he touched started withering away. Sam body got a much more quicker and painful mutation as she slowly started to melt, fusing with the ground, just for her to be reshaped as a grotesque giant mass of a clay like substance. While Roy was incapable of turning back, Sam was able to reshape herself into her former appearance, but she could do more than that. As she later tested out while trying to hit on a girl she had a crush on, unfortunately it didn’t go well as her powers were almost shown. Due to her being able to move around without raising suspicions, she told Roy to remain hidden as she would have found a way to revert him back. To do that she accepted a series of jobs from a mysterious character that wanted some alien technology in exchange for money and her friend’s restoration. So she committed a lot of colorful crimes, transforming herself into mythical creatures and facing Ben as Barbed Wire multiple times. Eventually she grew tired of hiding her identity and as an insult to her distant father she took on the “freak” that turned her and her friend into mutants, revealing her real identity, taking on a much tougher appearance to look more menacing while showing the true extent of her power. Originally Ben thought that Sam just became really strong, judging by her increased muscle mass, rock hard skin and the fact that she almost squashed him with a car. This however was possible due to an alternate effect of her mutation, the more compressed the mass of her monstrous form is into another form, the stronger and harder, she’ll become. Ben learned this after witnessing her changing her hands into claws, so he thought that by softening her with water would have stopped her, but it only made her more dangerous as she was now more agile, and Barbed Wire’s appendages, passed right through her, after attracting her to an isolated area to keep the civilians safe, the Omnitrix’s charge suddenly ended and Ben reverted back to his human form. Despite being and cocky and trying to instigate Ben a moment before, discovering that the kid he saw as some sort of a little brother was responsible for her friend’s mutation, Sam, now calling herself Mudpile after one of Ben’s puns about her appearance, went on a rampage destroying anything on her path, feeling angry and betrayed. Knowing that she wouldn’t stop until she got her satisfaction, Ben attracted her to her father’s power plant, where he discovered that her weakness was electricity. By using his brain over his former friend’s brawl, Ben was able to subdue Mudpile, who was later picked up by government operatives.
Eventually Roy continued what Sam couldn’t complete, without knowing that Ben was to blame for his condition. He was about to sell the stash of alien technology that Mudpile had acquired to the mysterious client, but Ben, this time armed with way more than one transformation intercepted the deal and sprung into action.
Roy was left with the money, but no treatment, so he was forced to organize a new deal, and again Ben interrupted it, this time, trying to talk some sense into Roy, but much like Sam, Roy got mad and went on a rampage, realizing that he had nothing left to lose, as his friends either betrayed him or got in jail, and that he would have never raised enough money to help his mother.
Roy powers let him absorb any type of energy, including heat and even sunlight,and expel it from the marks on his chest and palms as energy beams, but when touching an alien of the Omnitrix, he could gain some of their attributes. Fortunately when he threw Ben into a freezer, the Omnitrix turned him into Chill Vibe, the perfect counter for Roy’s powers. Roy will later become known as Leech in the media, and after being united together in jail again, Sam and Roy formed a diabolical duo that became a constant thorn in Ben’s side and consciousness, as he felt responsible for the birth of Leech and Mudpile.
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