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A Ben 10 remake



To be honest I never thought to be driven back to this franchise, but the nostalgia got the best of me and I decided to rewatch the various shows recently, although partially. Man, it was a blast to the past.
So I felt inspired, and decided to create an alternate version of the Ben10 universe.

In this world, Ben discovered the Omnitrix when he was fourteen, while he was returning from school with his cousin Gwen. The two of them live with their grandfather Max, since their parents mysteriously disappeared when they were little. The Omnitrix doesn’t really come packed with all the aliens, as the few that are inside of it remain dormant until a certain moment when the device feels that the user is being threatened by a specific threat. The majority of Ben’s aliens come from the Omnitrix’s scanning capability which lets it scan a certain creature to replicate its DNA. As in canon, the Omnitrix sometimes chooses a different alien then what Ben’s wanted.
Among Ben first set of Aliens there are:

1 Barbed Wire: the first alien that Ben turns into after getting the Omnitrix, and originally the only one he can use as the others remain dormant. Barbed Wire is a humanoid creature belonging to an unknown species, even after encountering other aliens, Ben will never really learn the truth about this form. Barbed Wire’s brain is contained inside its eye from which numerous metallic wires are generated. Ben can control the wires as he wants and even produce small thorns on them ( thus the name). Ben uses this power to swing around from buildings and engulf criminals and objects into his appendages, generally avoiding using them with thorns. Unfortunately, since the wires are his optic nerves, whenever one is cut off, Ben will feel an excruciating pain, and despite their metallic composition, they aren’t particularly resistant. The wires can also conduct electricity, an ability that will help Ben during multiple occasions.

2 Shipwrecker: this isn’t exactly an alien, as Shipwrecker was generated by the Omnitrix after coming in contact with a Crustaceo Sapien’s modified DNA that was gifted to Ben after helping these creatures against a foe named “The Mariner”. Crustaceo Sapiens are a race of humanoid crab people that live in small colonies around Earth’s sea. One of their colonies was built near Ben’s town. Ben was rescued by them when he investigated the appearance of a mysterious boat near the docks as Barbed Wire. The Mariner was able to knock him out and threw him off his boat while far from the shore. A Young Crustaceo Sapien named Talon rescued Ben and the two eventually became friends, and teamed up to send the Mariner to jail.
Shipwreckers is two times bigger than the average Crustaceo Sapien and has a second set of arms with giant claws, that his people no longer have. His shell is almost indestructible and those claws can easily cut through steel like it was butter, not to mention its capability to go underwater, but despite it all, Shipwrecker doesn’t posses super strength, and Ben discovered this in the worst way possible.

3: Silver Wing: another alien obtained thanks to the Omnitrix’s scanner, Silver Wing is a Cybocroach, a space wondering race of insect people that have modified their DNA to become partially machines. Ben scanned one of them in order to communicate with him. This Cybocroach was a scout named Koboro, who was tasked to inspect the planet to make sure it wasn’t hostile. After helping Koboro understand humanity with the help of Gwen and grandpa Max, The Cybocroaches left Earth and established themselves on Mars, becoming one of Ben’s most important allies.

4 Wrecking Ball: a transformation gained after scanning the DNA of a Gravitoid that was part of a group of intergalactic jail breakers. Wrecking ball can move his hands and feet from at least 50 meters away, but the jail breaker that Ben scanned was no ordinary Gravitoid as it had the ability to increase the impact dealt to every object it touched up to 100 times, an ability that Ben inherited. Unfortunately Ben has a lot of problems keeping himself together without falling to pieces, since Gravitoid have evolved to not have limbs due to the high pressure of gravity on their home planet Pasclios, not to mention the fact that their weird body doesn’t make them fast runners.

5 Know it all: a mushroom like creature with extremely high intellect that are born from spores from the planet Toxion.
Ben gained this ability while in the layer a mysterious villain that he had been tracking for a long time. These small creatures were found withered away on some weird chairs. Apparently Know it all just seemed to be really smart, but after facing this mysterious foe, Ben discovered that while in this form he also gained telekinesis. This power however is rather different from what Ben originally expected, as Know it all needs to spray his spores on an object in order to move it with his mind, and when in a state of distress these beings, that Ben’s later discovered being called Spronius Mutandis, will emit an enormous amount of said spores.

6 Rattle Fright: a lengthy and tall alien that seems to be primitive in mind, Rattle Fright is basically Wild Mut, but with even less senses as his only way of moving around is his hearing. This was one of those dormant aliens in the Omnitrix that apparently came out at the worst possible moment, as Ben was about to face a sound wave powered sociopath named “Baccano”. After running around town panicking like a cornered animal, Ben finally found out what this form’s power was. Rattle Fright can nullify any sound around him, hearing only specific ones or create an hypnotic melody with the appendix on his head. The DNA sample comes from a Lumbaino, a predator that lives in the underground caves of the planet Lumia. Rattle Fright feeds through his finger nails similarly to a mosquito.

7 Chill Vibe: another alien dormant in the Omnitrix that revealed himself when Ben was trapped in a Freezer by a villain. Chill Vibe is a Brinios from the frozen planet Quarius.
Chill Vibe is capable of producing and resisting cold temperatures around him, and can even produce ice in many shapes and forms, easy to say that this became Ben’s favorite alien.

8 Getaway: originated by an anomaly in the Omnitrix scanning system, Ben has a love/hate relationship with this transformation. When summer finally started and Ben started his travels in the iconic campers, his first adventure outside of town was investigating a nuclear power plant that was seemingly abandoned. It turned out that the building was surrounded by a weird energetic field that made the Omnitrix go haywire and turned Ben into said energy, fortunately the Omnitrix also created a containment suit for Ben’s new form, but for a while he got stuck like that. He later discovered that this transformation could create portals to places that Ben knew or saw in pictures, this will also made him discover the truth about his parents , uncle and aunt’s disappearance.

9: Glow up: originated by scanning the DNA of a Gollovaran from planet Urkl, Glow up is Ben’s heavy hitter, capable of increasing the muscle mass of his limbs, the more limbs he uses this ability on, the faster the Omnitrix energy will be depleted. Ben encountered one of these guys after being kidnapped by a robotic alien kingpin named “King Disco”, who wanted to see if Ben was really as though as his men said. At first Ben didn’t take seriously the little alien, until it grew to gargantuan size.

10 Sneak Peek: another alien DNA dormant in the Omnitrix retrieved from a Spectroroid from planet Ulimar. When Sneak Peek appeared for the first time, Ben almost died as he fell underground where he found a bomb ready to explode underneath a city. Sneak Peek is Ben’s first choice when it comes to stealth, or at least he would be if the Omnitrix let him.
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