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1. Post these rules, 'cause rules are AWESOME.
2. Write 8 random facts about thyself.
3. Post these thangs in your journal.
4. TAG 8 more people into doing the meme.
5. Go to the TAGGEDS' DA pages to let them know they're TAGGED.

1. I've been an avid Transformers fan ever since I was three years old.
2. I'm a veteran member of Utah's Longest running Improv troupe, Laughing Stock.
3. Yes, that is my real name.
4. My favorite color is orange.
5. I am almost never seen without a calculator watch on my left wrist.
6. No, seriously, that is my real name.
7. At any given point in time, I've either lived in either California or Utah.
8. I'm not big on wearing denim.
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So you're real name is Logan Prime? 0_0
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Heh, that's not quite what I meant, but if you're curious, most of the stuff in my gallery has my name on it.
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LOL That's right, blame me XD
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I guess there's a fine line between giving credit and blame. ;p