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Tifa Lockhart

Did you miss her on the trailer?

Remember that all the  May  and April artwork files will be send to all my Patrons via mega link at the beginning of the next month (June 7 /2019)

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My dear patrons will get

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♥ NSFW Nude only  5+

♥ Used Photoshop brushes 7+

♥ NSFW variants 7+

♥ Raw Psd file (no merged layers) 7+

♥ Full-Screen Video Process 10+

Previous Patreon released content can be found here 

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zem248's avatar
Never played final fantasy but tifa is such a cutie!
GodBarrierDjinn's avatar
Why can't Remake Tifa be like this
frostcore79's avatar

Ever wish you was born a boob? Just so you could touch another one. Theoretically speaking, no body shaming implied. Tiny breasts have their moments.

OLAMIKU's avatar
Mini-skirt female grappler FTW :)
Boyrobin's avatar
Can't beat the classic as being shown here ;)
pizzawithoutcheese's avatar
Hmm! Looks too muscley.
urza-planeswalke5's avatar

This is fantastic! I love it! I hope you do more of her! I would love to see her alternative outfits, too, like the Wallmarket or Amano style!

Vivodka's avatar
Very beautifull
b09h's avatar
can't beat the classic look :)
Fantastic work!
I hope the remake will be faithful to the original as your artwork is! Nod 
weaponx1486's avatar
she looks excellent exactly as represented strong heroine ready to dish out the 5 piece added to my favorites
graywolf82002's avatar
Everyone thought they were going to fuck with her design in order to appease SJWs; I'm so glad they didn't cave.
are you kidding?
her breast are 5 times smaller now and she has this ugly undershirt to hid the cleavage 
YoshiCrusader's avatar
Yeah I don't like the new look as much either. Hopefully her original outfit is available somehow later. Even if a DLC.
wampa326's avatar
I just wanted her to look like she can snap me in half is that so hard to ask for
TsuriaDragon's avatar
Just saw her at E3 AND I'M HYPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :la: 
Sinformation's avatar
excellent impressive pose!
very cool piece
inspirational to me
very nice!
antcow's avatar
Very close to what I just seen in the trailer X3 
mpz28's avatar
very nice Cool Emoticon Heart Emoticon  Thumbsup Emoticon Bravo #2
GGkev's avatar
She's looking marvelous here. Thumbs Up 
MichaelJohnMorris's avatar
Awesome!! :D How long did it take you to make it look so 3D?!
CylorSan's avatar
Super Beautiful!!!
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