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Riju - the legend of zelda Breath of the wild

Hello here is the winner of  the Patreons survey, the beautiful Riju in The legend of Zelda breath of the wild  

get the HD artwork without any watermark and logo, psd file, brushes used and much more this month (March 2017) on

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HD artwork withouth  any watermark or logo, perfect as a wallpaper

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No nude version?

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Riju es bellisima :3
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so gorgeous!!!
She's so beutiful.
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Perfectly captured, awesome work, very very well done :)
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Wow, amazing art. Riju is so cute and beautiful. Love Love 
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For a minute, I thought this was just a screenshot from the game; and thought you were a little lazy. But on closer inspection I realized you actually drew this.............. wow. You are spectacular.
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Absolutely amazing!! I have trouble understanding how some of your pieces are even possible.
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XD thank you why you think is imposible? explain me a little more 
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Just saying your work is exceptional. I used to draw everyday of my life up until I graduated high school and was in advanced art classes. Even at my best I couldn't compare to your level of skill. I am looking to get back into drawing and will be using your work as inspiration. I created a character in high school with a story that was going to end up a comic book that I never got around to. Would you be willing to create a piece if given a rough draft of him? I'm sure I'm pretty rusty but it should be sufficient enough to recreate.
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I bought points just to get the picture without the watermark. Worth it!

<3 Riju, and you did a fantastic job!
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thank you so much for your contribution <3 
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Whew! Wonderful job <3 Your coloring is something that inspires me to work harder on my own!
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thank you so much <3
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Like always...... it's soooooo great
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thank you so much :D
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This Riju is goddamn hot.
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