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Nova Terra


Remember that all the JANUARY  and DECEMBER  artworks will be send to all my Patrons at the beginning of the next month (FEBRUARY 7/2020)

Suport me on Patreon…

My dear patrons will get

♥ High-Res 3+

♥ NSFW Nude 5+

♥ Used Photoshop brushes + Raw Psd file (no merged layers) + NSFW variants 7+

♥ All of the previous rewards + Full-Screen Video Process 10+

♥ All of the previous rewards + 50% Gumroad discount in one previous batch (choose by you) 16+

Previous Patreon released content can be found here
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damn i wish i could achieve this level of skill and talent, people like you are the true artist.

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This is great work! Can you make a 1920x1080 wallpaper out of this? Thinking of a collaboration here - a theme based on your wall, with full credits to you.

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She has a stunning hourglass figure, very nice work.

Nova's eyes are canonically green in StarCraft (only Widowmaker ghost skin in Overwatch has blue eyes). You could try better.

Once I saw you drawing Nova I thought to join your patreon but it seems you don't care to check how my fav StarCraft character actually look. Sorry I can't support this.

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Imagine nitpicking a masterfully drawn fanart, lol
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Who does this guy think he is?

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A banned guy from my Deviant :D 
Still waiting for your game!
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Beautiful job on Nova! Only thing I have to point out is her eye color in canon/SC2 is green.
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So beautifully done!
No flaws or mistakes.
Everything is so nicely detailed that it looks almost photo realistic.
Can't say enough.
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This is your best!
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Hey Logan, do you think that you could make a piece that has this character and Sarah Kerrigan in her insectoid form making out or with Sarah behind the blonde with her claws holding her in place while Nova has her hands back around Sarah's neck with both of their bodies facing forward and the both of them staring into each others eyes.
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Gorgeous art! :clap:
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super render, she looks fantastic

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Thank you, no one ever does any Novas!
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